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  • Oh! That is great stuff, @itay42.

    Glad you make it, sadly the current wiki is not able to edit, so we might need to wait until someone fix the wiki issue.

    That is sure a very good guide for any player who try to obtain the Victoria Cross. XD

  • I would say you have very deeply understanding about the URB factor, there sure no guide guarantee 100 % for 100+ wave for sure, as the URB fact always give you different hell and some bad day. >o< We only try to max out the wining chance, and if the successful mission can get more wave means we get a potential ability to guarantee average 100+…[Read more]

  • @itay42

    Nice one! 455+ waves!!!! Good job men!!!

    Tell us about your early and middle game, I know you try to use Mine field to hang there as longer as possible. Let me guess, two bunker on the trench with gunner also plus 2 Bazooka. Very possible. XDDD

  • Arise posted a new activity comment 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hey @itay42, I feel it is worthy to create a thread in MNB2, as your pic is awesome. maybe provide us some of your tactic or gameplay video in order to let other new player learn how to doing better on MNB2? >o<

    • As I mentioned before my achievement is to get the Victoria Cross… After I will achieve the medal I will make a strategy page on the wiki. With every game I learn something new that I could write there so that’s why I want to wait a little.

      Btw @arise I need more 2700 waves to get the medal so it might take a while 😛

      • Love it! 2700 wave is short if you make every game 300+, XD! I will set the seat and waiting for long post in forum. >o<