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    “Survive 10,000 enemy waves before the 100th mission, deploying less than 2,500 men”

    I would like to thank the great community of this game, the creator of the game and the people who wrote the wiki. I can approve that this medal is extremely hard to achieve just as the wiki says.

    Now I would like to know if someone will be interested in the strategy I used in order to get this medal. If more then ten people will be interested I would work on a very detailed strategy page on the wiki.

    I really love this game 🙂

    • +1000000000000!!!!!XDDDDDD

    • I would like to know the strategy you used.

      • Getting 10 people to reply with a “Let’s see that Strategy!” answer will be hard but you could count me twice maybe. :mrgreen:

    • Wouldn’t mind seeing that strategy either!

    • Definitely want to hear how you achieved this baby. I’d say you ought to post it just cause, but perhaps 10 people may show anyway, hehe

    • I am very interested in how you did this.

    • Pang replied 3 months ago

      Yes, please tell me, I really want to know, thanks~~~

    • The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand
      ~sun txu
      I want to know the strategy

    • Well still 2 left…

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