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  • Itay posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    So I tried recon and this what happened:

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    Guess I will have to try again 😛

    • We all saw this picture for so many times, and I still love the Recon. >o<

      • What picture?? 😛
        I am currently having the best run of all time. 18 Mission with 11 kill cards and best of ; Not a Single Dead Ranger.

        • Teach me master 😛

          • Actually very easy. Only take non hazard missions. Keep the mission xp down so that I am still at Captains rank. = Just make no Sit-Reps. Keep heat at 0. Stealth!
            Others would call me “Chicken-Shit” while I can say that I am simply playing it smart.

            • so you basically fail missions on purpose?

            • No. Can’t get kill cards my failing missions now can we.
              By keeping my xp gains low (do no sit reps in game) I can do a lot of missions on a low profile rank.
              Missions under Major rank are a lot less hazardous.
              Rangers still gain good xp since the game does not differentiate between spotting/ killing farmers or NVRs.

            • I didn’t know you can just skip a mission 😛
              I think I will try that thanks!