• Iravenbg posted an update 1 month ago

    Recon is where Random brutality and plain autism meet….

    I’ve been playing a searck and kill mission for half an hour,killing 4 guys and searchinf for 4 more and the most autistic fucking retarded thing happens….i go from the back to snatch a guy AND THE FUCKING RANGER DECIDES TO TURN IT INTO A BOXING MATCH.
    Not just throwing fake ass punches,but also losing it…

    And that is how a hour and a half game turns into a shit-show of ragequit

    • Lance replied 1 month ago

      We all hate it when that happens.
      OP enemy HtH was an issue when it was first introduced way back in closed alpha testing.
      But despite urbzz recognition that (quote)
      ” a corn feed US Ranger should easily out-punch some VC farmer for sure”
      he never changed it to match that nor has he given feedback to this subject ever since.
      To his person. He thinks that a high level of unfairness is top game for him.
      We (Urbanians) like URB as well but not in every situation and around every corner of a game.

      • Absolutely,that’s why I love all of his games.
        they’re realistic,no bullshit OP game characters,but chances that a lucky shotgun blast will kill your best trooper.

        Yet i find some of these things realy stupid,like,my 2 vietcong,3 fighting guys,loses his weapons every time he chokes or interogates someone.
        My 3 spot ranger spots at the last possible second the enemy and so on….

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