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  • Skiphawk posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    Shooting out an MG with 3 rifle-armed medics is agonizing….
    Gets much better when they all have Thompsons though 😀

    • At least in the Challenge the Medics do not start with their Pistols or it be mission impossible.
      I find the Springfield to be a great weapon at range.
      All the soldier needs is high Combat and XP for the fast sniping shots.
      That’s why I never upgrade my Signalers weapon cause he is in the back sniping away just fine that way.

    • it’s pretty easy actually, they’re just regular GIs with 30 rifle skills except with the ability to all heal eachother. They can just be bullet-sponge off damage.

      • Yeah, and why shoot out a machine gun at range if you could just “flank”(Walk within two feet of)it? If it’s a crew operated gun the person would just walk out and attempt to use his primary weapon, which then should make it easy to pick him off, and if it’s an mg42 you would simply close the distance as it should not be able to pin your entire squad at once then pick him off as you would with any other enemy holding a weapon.

        • Hard to flank an MG when there’s a squad of krauts next to it, hah. Also, I was in Mortain so it was nests of the things, not just one at a time. Suppression for days!