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    I have a question. Will the Steam release of Mud and Blood just be a port or are you going to fix the most complained about design elements such as:
    *The logical wave counter counting towards medals instead of the visible wave counter counting towards medals.
    *Troops from either side throwing or firing explosives when the target is near friendlies.
    *100 experience troops experience hogging. Maybe make it that the experience they gain will be distributed to other units. Or if that’s too overpowered, make it a percentage chance.
    *Anti-Vehicle and anti-stealth units gaining experience at a snail’s pace since the stuff they are effective against are so rare. 1 exp for killing basic troops, 2 for killing infiltrators (Brandenburg Infiltrators and Snipers), 3 for destroying light vehicles (can be effectively destroyed by mid-strength weapons) and 4 for destroying heavy vehicles (the stuff you need the Anti-tank for).

    • ha ha you are completely out of the loop my friend.
      We are creating a whole new game here based on Mud and Blood 3.
      It will contain elements of mnb2 at some point but for now it a drastically improved mnb3 game.
      Still in very early alpha.
      Watch a few of the TEST plays down here.