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  • Ronald McDad posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    I’ve been stuck on hedgerows on day 11 for the past couple of days. Every time i seem to advance and halt a couple days ahead, they just reinforce the area like 3-5 times and i end up being pushed back until i advance a couple days again. Is there any general tactic or strategy that im missing here? any gameplay tips? i would like to know so i can get better at it. Cheers to anyone who reads this.

    • Firstly go here >>>
      Find a fitting topic or open a new one.
      General TIP: The game design is so that the more days you are ahead the harder it will be since you are basically behind enemy lines.
      How far ahead you can keep playing is sort of like your own difficulty setting.
      You can make the game easier by simply quitting (reload the tab) after deploying until you are at a days-ahead value that you fee is good for you.

    • hedgerows are tough if you dont push all the way through with a fully upgraded squad. i think they turned up the urb on reinforcements and armor. ive had the enemy reinforce twice within a minute of spawning at the start of the map. try using commandos to stealth and then tnt. their fast movement should allow them to move from cover to cover. good luck out there soldier.