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  • jonathan posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

    hey urbzz just a thought but with flash being unsuported in 2020 i was thinking mud and blood 4 might be a good HTML5 version of mud and blood 2 with more features… big fan of your games as ive been playing mud and blood 2 since 2008

  • jonathan posted a new activity comment 2 years, 6 months ago

    i remember i once got a gunner with 150 rifle skill right at the start of a round… capped it off at over 200 rifle skill…

  • i also think you should be able to trade in killcards you dont want for merit… think of it like coming in under budget… i have 6 going in heavy cards that i dont ever use…

  • jonathan posted a new activity comment 2 years, 7 months ago

    have you though about adding new ribbons to M&B 2 as a 10th anniversary update? just thought it sounds cool

  • jonathan posted a new activity comment 2 years, 7 months ago

    my jimmys are rustled ive been trying to get the gold star in M&B 2 i even made it to wave 150 but i kept getting detailed order crates…

  • my jimmies are thoroughly rustled i had a 140 wave game and dident get the gold star in mud and blood 2 i was having 3 Wespe 2 Tigres and a Pz4 thrown at me i must have killed at least 6 Pz4’s i had over 950 kills

  • i have an even better idea make it an open map like recon id say a 10X10 grid should suffice and add levels and findable/unlockable items you can equip your guys with and a crafting system but with vehicles as well and heres the catch make it a PVP game on steam because that will boost the URB score through the roof you would have opponents using…[Read more]

  • does anyone else have serious trouble finding planets in this game? i think if you expend the energy to do a system scan you should highlight any planet thats in the system… i mean seriously you can pick up a tiny fighter but not a massive ball of rock covered in network communication devices?

  • id like it if you can add STWALT to the webpage like you have the other titles i absolutely have Kongregate it makes my computer lag out bad havent been able to play it because of this

  • whoops i always assumed the Saiga-12 was older since it is basically a AK chambered for shotgun shells… similar to the SVD/Dragonov

    it would be nice to have a heavy hitting revolver and for the MAC-10 to be a secondary weapon also a scoped M14 would be pretty great just came to my mind looking at your profile picture

    but for suppressed weapons…[Read more]

  • its been that way you just send one of your guys to talk to a villager and he will either tell you where some traps are or join you as long as you got good viet skill

  • I would like the allied APC and tank to be re included but I noticed that allied NPC’s like Kit Carson scouts and other local fighters you converted with Viet skill dont really get shot at they should draw fire like all the rest of your guys so I think that should get fixed.
    But I think…[Read more]

  • i say make a suppressed 1911 and use a ribbon to get it say…. 50 handgun kills? i also agree the mac 10 should be a secondary
    id also like to see sem-auto/full auto shotguns for instance the sega-12
    i also think you should be able to have a Bipod as a piece of equipment that when used increases accuracy and gives a bonus saving throw vs incoming…[Read more]

  • Id like a mix between Mud and Blood 2 and Mud and Blood Recon im thinking Starship Troopers like theme where you could build a base and emplacements like M&B 2 but have to also explore the environment for materials like recon or Occupation Forces Vietnam while fighting off waves of a variety of aliens where you can use intell to research your…[Read more]

  • jonathan replied to the topic Bounding Mine in the forum New Rangers Corner 3 years ago

    mines are most effective when you donjt erase your footprints i will intentionally leave a crap ton of footprints and right in front of one ill place the mine works 9/10 for me especially since i sometimes go on max heat missions its hilarious i once caused the game to lag for 4 minutes because a bouncer killed a VC QRF of about 50 guys (only 1…[Read more]

  • 1st
    i would like to see you bring back tactical points like in Mud and Blood 2 where you get more tactical points to outfit your team with equiptment the higher your rank is that way your not stuck with only infantry and temporary vehicles for instance if i want to leave 3 soldiers behind in exchange for a jeep or half-track with changeable…[Read more]

  • jonathan posted a new activity comment 3 years, 6 months ago

    quick question are you planning on any special updates for mud and blood 2 because next year will be its 10th year anniversary (it came out in 2008 i believe) will you have any special surprises waiting for us?

  • how about light vehicles? like a jeep with a M2 last i checked LRRP’s did use vehicles maybe water based maps where you have to use a riverboat or an easy one since the VC already have one a friendly attack dog that can sniff out enemy’s and explosives that could be put into an equipment slot

  • another quick thing make flack jackets resistant to shotguns since they are pretty common among VC militias and in real life were resistant they could even stop .45 acp handgun bullets so maybe -15% shotgun damage and -5% handgun caliber damage from say submachineguns just enough to give you a chance

  • another thing that could be interesting is a Halloween zombie mode like in mud and blood 2 and get a cool ribbon like +5% at hand to hand bring in the seasonal stuff again and the anniversary dates like the date the Vietnam memorial opened

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