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Haik Garapet

  • I just wanted to know if this community is still strongly alive and if there will be more updates on any of the games or if a new project is the making.

    • Still alive and kicking. 🙂
      Most of the conversation has moved to the Discord.
      We (me) keeps the spider webs out of here as well as use the place for dumping community input, news-feeds and the occasional “bigger” conversation.

  • Haik Garapet posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Wait so you’re saying that MnD might go on steam???

    • Not “might”, will.
      The page is already created but not public so far.
      Over the last months the game basics got discussed.
      This merger of games (2+3)will simply be called “Mud-and-Blood”.
      Screen will be a lot bigger, will use mostly newest MnB3 sprites in Vector-Graphics, will make considerable balance changes, ect . . .

  • So does anyone know if they will ever fix recon or the other games. mainly recon tho for the camera sucks and its kind of buggy

    • The original Recon has sort of reached the limits of Flash. However, Urb has expressed interest on a Recon 2 set in Afghanistan using LUA code, but it won’t be for a while as Urb is working on another project at the moment.

  • Is there a way for “recon” to save your progress?

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