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  • Lance replied to the topic Heroes of STWALT in the forum STWALT 1 year, 2 months ago

    A hero indeed. @fieldsoffire
    That was a very nice to read journey.
    Horses, of for that matter, all “inventory” creatures that Flee when you get hit should still be around in your vicinity as if you where to have lost your weapon in combat.

  • Dox replied to the topic Games in the forum General Forum 3 years, 2 months ago


    It gets even better with the Heroes Unleashed mod, too. So many weapons, so many maps, so many possibilities!

    Ironically, one of the most unique things about the original 2001 game is that, unlike most FPS titles, it can actually make the player extremely scared about getting shot at. All it takes is only one well-placed round…[Read more]

  • @fieldsoffire

    This weapon looks so nice. >o< I like it, as it give some Burn weapon option in the jungle more then inaccurate WP. ( As I just accident burn myself in previous Recon video )

    I will suggest to let VC have very small chance to be equip with WP grenade to toss on Ranger. XDDDDD

  • @FIeldsOfFire

    Thanks for the feedback FieldsOfFire! It’s good that the game can run smoothly on non-gaming machines. I’m currently in the process of getting the game to work on my phone. One of the original goals of the project was to make it a hassle free and enjoyable experience on mobile devices.

    I’m uploading the next patch 0.27 now, which…[Read more]