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  • Farlarzia posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    In recon, sometimes when the hueys arrive for pickup (not Medevac, regular, including search patrols), they act as medevacs, meaning my guys can’t actually lift off. Particularly annoying, seeing as my radio guy was critical, and I medevaced him, completed the firebase attack, and then when the search party came to pick them up, none of them could get on, failing the mission, and leaving everyone MIA, including the guy that actually evaced.

    • Well, I’d suggest having a backup radio man just for that matter. I’d then call in for a secondary EVAC (if possible) and get picked up at the base. OR I’d move to the primary LZ and get extracted there. See if that helps.

      • I think you missed my issue: Helicopters arrived, that I should have been able to board, but they were unable to (as I said above, they weren’t medevacs either). Having more radio’s is a solution, but it’s a solution to something that shouldn’t be a problem

        • That’s happened to me a few times, no clue what to do there, maybe exit Recon and reopen it? Other than just waiting, no clue on how to help you.

    • No! Don’t have two radio men, please don’t. You can carry some useful item then a heavy useless radio.

      You simply point out a bug which be report very early. The Search party have a bug that it will become the last Huey type you called. So if you send the radio men to medic Huey, you are done on the ground. Also will happened with secondary LZ or primary LZ, all up to last time you use.

      So never send the radio men on the Huey unless you are going to end the mission. If you do, you are asking nothing but trouble. Sure this bug will be fix in the future, but at least right now just be careful and pay attention on it.

      • I wasn’t sure if it was a bug, or perhaps some form of URB to be fair, like a radio miscommunication for which kind of chopper to send for, or they send the wrong one, etc.

      • Well, I think its a good idea for two radio men, but the second one carries the stuff I would that Ranger would usually carry, but just a radio.

        • Yes! But you occupy a item space, which can provide you more vital equipment. Also add another 20 Bulks to the ranger. All of Recon mission should consider as bring four men back alive first, so I don’t suggest to take two radio. Or maybe in future we will have a small type radio as a kill card can be set as back up, but right now I still suggest you try on protect the radio men, not take two.