• Man you almost got a Hobbit to lvl 5.
    Excalibur forged and then this “– Day 85, You missed by rolling 14(14+0), which is lower than the attack score (17) of the Hag. You also missed your saving throw (14) which is over your defense score of0!! You lose 1 hit point.”
    ?? How did that happen a +0 to the attack roll and 0 defense or was there a h…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic I'm new to Vietnam. in the forum New Rangers Corner 1 week ago

    Today it’s Kill Card lore time.

    Read up a lot more here

  • Lance replied to the topic AAR in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 1 week ago

    Very good read man. Good military type style used. Keep up the great work!

  • So this really fits in here since it is a rare to find item.

    Some real rare insider info to boost
    I never asked urb what those initials stand for if they actually mean anything.

    View post on

    jhs is the initials on jesuites rings that were carried in New France

  • Lance replied to the topic Unassigned medals in the forum New Rangers Corner 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hi there. As far as I know the Medal will get put on either a random ranger or the first one automatically.
    But since I have not tested this in years I may be wrong.
    To clarify. Check your Rooster = The men that where on that mission = does anyone hove said medal now?

  • Lance replied to the topic Videos in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Firebase retakes are the best.

  • Lance posted an update 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    @urbzz can we stop this bot/spammer registration spree somehow?

  • Lance replied to the topic urbzz insiders in the forum New Rangers Corner 1 month ago

    I think kit carsons should show up in your chalk selection screen
    they’d act slower and have some worse off stats but be better at detection
    and you should be able to give them M16’s
    instead of just acting like a permanent Montagnard.

  • Lance replied to the topic urbzz insiders in the forum New Rangers Corner 1 month ago

    Sayyed Tyrud
    I really like having the kill cards, especially because I think players ought to be rewarded for well executed missions (though how brutal would it be if doing exemplary missions just means rolling for a chance at a kill card :sweat: ) In my view, a good mashup of the two systems would be that as the war progresses/you rank up you get…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic urbzz insiders in the forum New Rangers Corner 1 month ago

    urb asked = shall weapons be ordered through a supply run at the cost of merit
    No. Makes no sense to me to have to use up precious merit ; ie, gain weapon = lose respect with command.
    What about the current Rank Gain Unlock?
    Since Recon is more of a realistic game then “basic US equipment” should be available right from the start.…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic urbzz insiders in the forum New Rangers Corner 1 month ago

    my idea on merit purchasing

    Have rank linked to the limit of everything but merit is how you purchase it.
    (from here on rank is going to be a number the higher the number the higher the rank)

    For example a rank 1 commander will be limited to 4 rangers, 8 weapons (4 m16s 4 1911s)
    A rank 2 commander will be limited to 5 rangers, 12…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic urbzz insiders in the forum New Rangers Corner 1 month ago

    we now have rangers that locate enemies and aim at them

    of course double line of sight is in
    so no more weird shooting on moving targets

    I’m pretty much at the start of it all. working on path finding and line of sight is done now im into the basic combat algorythm
    fun stuff tho
    lua is very clean
    lets run this through the…[Read more]

  • A lil about the nuances of Recon’s line of sight. Did you know that in order to be ‘flagged’ an enemy has to be within the field of view of a ranger (in addition then line of sight and range) but once a enemy is flagged (which mean the enemy is now known to the team due to excellent communication) then any rangers that are within line of sight can…[Read more]

  • Elves . . . able to do all but fail the same same

    – Day 5, Fizban, Killed by a spell malfunction. at level 1 after 5.46 days of travel. Fizban had 0 gold pieces in his purse and managed to gain 0 experience points.
    – Day 5, You have discovered the following emplacement: a mine
    – Day 5, You’ve learned a new spell!!(Locate Object)
    – Day 5, You…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic Squad member end of tour in the forum Recon 1 month, 1 week ago

    I had that happen before. Dude quit on me without me having a say in the matter.
    Something like that usually happens when either the Moral is very low (under 70 so) or the Fatigue is very high (over 30 so).
    Maybe when both reach a critical level then you do not get a choice in the matter.

    We never did make a complete memo list in a topic here…[Read more]

  • Copied over from the Discord by Derpintine
    A Double Wespe Blitz!!!!

  • Very good game suggestion man.
    urb has made a reply to this idea on Discord that basically said that he would like to keep just the original 2 natives (LW 1.0) to keep the game simpler for new players.
    I would however love to see those 4 tribes that you mentioned with their own items and stuffs.
    But as is with 2 tribes and one native language…[Read more]

  • There should be a Ribbon Suggestion topic. (somewhere)
    Patton’s finest: during the first 20 days if you get 20 days ahead of schedule
    Way to hard. 20 consecutive field would take many hours to play but after field 10 things will get to hard for sure. Before field 20 all will have died of mines anyways.
    REWARD; every deployment will start with a…[Read more]

  • Lance started the topic Animal processing in the forum Last Winter 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Here a very basic item that we need out there. Talon.

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