• Rooster posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    For the past few years coming onto this website, I’ve found scattered posts about the old website and users. I can’t help but feel like I’m sitting at the bar with my grandpa after 9 holes of golf, listening to the stories they tell of when they were younger. I get a, “Like the good ol’ days,” vibe from it all. I wish I could have experienced it like some of you guys did. It’s always better to be apart of something when it was first created than to join in much later on, but nonetheless, I’m very happy I’ve found this amazing community. No, I’m not extremely active. No, I don’t regularly play URB games (though I did play Recon and Last Winter extensively in bursts over time). But It’s so nice to always come back and remember when I first found this place out, y’know? It’s my version of the beginning. A small nostalgia dose, too. There isn’t too much of a reason for this post, I just felt like talking about it I guess. There’s my mini-speech for the month. Also, when I’m not working I get very bored so if anyone is down for obscure and interesting discussions, I’d be glad to partake in that. Have a good day, and a good future guys.

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