• Rooster posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Just watched Forrest Gump for the 700th time… Pumped me up to play Recon. Must avenge Bubba!!!

    • I watch the first part of dead president sometimes before i play recon. check it out :

      • Oh yes! I really love all your games @urbzz , and I’m expecting to put my hands on MNB3… But, oh dear, I really love MNB Recon!!

        • Thanks man. Means a lot from a hard core Recon player such as you.

          • That’s some hard core shit. Good movie.
            So the more ears we have on our necklace the better the luck. 🙂
            Well actually no cause the more heat = possible similar last action scene re-played. 😉

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