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    New AAR coming up: expect images and actually semi-decent narration this time!

    • I look forward to inspecting your report, commander. 😉

      • Ah, bloody hell. I accidentally closed MnB3 while writing. Oh well, here’s what I had going so far. [SAN FRANCISCO, 8TH OF JUNE, 1954]

        Wayne Adams finishes signing a folder before shutting it and pushing it aside. It was not easy to schedule an interview just as his law firm began taking off.
        They lost. I don’t know the specifics – maybe it was an unlucky shell, maybe it was a drunk commander. For all I care, it might as well have been spontaneous human combustion. The point is that the section in charge of the advance got slaughtered, so we had to deploy before our kit could be sorted out, which is why, 10 years ago, I was on Omaha Beach, holding a Springfield and praying the other 5 guys with me had enough sense to point their guns away from themselves before firing.
        Do you happen to recall their names?
        Yes. Wheter I was told at a bar or at a funeral, I managed to pick them all up. Standing besides me on that day were Will Fridge, Weston and Harvey Bullok, Rick Willis and Nate Hook. Anyhow, after taking a minute to get familiar with our rifles, we, well, got in line and marched up. It was almost… surreal. You’d think that we’d be scared out of our minds or something, but no, we were excited. What did these Krauts even look like? When would we first see them? When would we get to shoot them? All of these questions and more would be answered within seconds.
        You saw your first target, I assume.
        It was less like a soldier and more like… a blur, at first. A gray ‘n’ blue blob, prone on the sand. We stepped closer and managed to identify it: a German scout, fumbling around in his pockets, probably reaching for a grenade. When he saw 6 American troops closing in on him fast, he tried to make a run for it but was quickly cut down by our fire. They really stood no chance, we thought. We exchanged pleased looks as we pushed further inland, until a shot cracked, pricking Fridge’s hip. At first, he couldn’t believe it, he just kept staring at us for a second, before finally realizing why we had suddenly turned pale.
        Hook was the first to rush to his aid, being so hasty in his rescue that he managed to trip and snap his Springfield’s receiver. Drawing his M1911, he kept running towards the casualty, dragging him behind a tree while shouting “[PUDDING]! RETURN FIRE!”, which we did. Soon enough, the killers had been eliminated, though we could hear more yells coming our way.
        I’m not entirely sure why, but Weston decided that trying to outgun Fritz would be a better idea than diving for cover. He had to be dragged away by his brother before he got himself killed, though he managed to fire off one oddly accurate shot before being wrestled away from the line of fire.
        “Wes, this isn’t the time. Fridge is fine. Quit kickin’ before I let you back into gunfire.” Heh.
        Eventually he calmed down though. While Nate clumsily sewed Fridge back together, I just… stood there. Staring off and off into the distance, waiting for an enemy that wouldn’t come. While waiting, I managed to scrounge up a new shotgun for Willis. It was a bit muddied up, but it was still usable. As for myself, I actually managed to find this ‘ol gun.
        He fumbles through his desk’s drawers before laying a monochrome picture of himself posing with a Sten Gun.
        T’was a hunk of junk, but it was better than a Springfield.
        Sir, I believe you’re getting off track…
        Oh, I’ll give you a track. How ’bout “Sniper shows up then somehow dodges CAS”? Sigh We had to do it the traditional way. I charged towards him, head kept low, hoping someone behind me would take the hint and provide covering fire. They did not.
        As the rest of the section shambled forth, I managed to get up close to the sniper. One burst later, he was down. Another burst later, I had a 7.92mm in my shin. But I pushed on and kept firing, Hook would need cover to advance and nothing screams “Stay down” like a hail of bullets, some of which actually ended up hitting their mark.
        Aerial photographs of the engagement revealed its body count.
        Now that Fritz had been dealt with, I let myself fall. Nate was on me in no time, parading his new found Grease Gun while wrapping up my leg. He also seemed to have been grazed by a round, but it didn’t look like anything serious.
        The next obstacle: a trench. Luckily, it was unmanned. Less luckily, German troops were abot to pour into it. With dexterity I frankly never knew I had, I slithered into enemy lines, laying suppressive fire after diving in the trench. The section followed closely, and we could tell the battle was already won from there.

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