• I also like McSwain’s idea,bring in a modern dynamic to the world of MnB while also making it even more gruesome and unfair. Over there we have snipers, rpgs and mountains that behind every rock someone wants to kill you if you walk by…and and the IEDs cant forget them sons a bitches

  • I believe that it would be an interesting ideal to make MNB4 an alternate universe kind of game. Think about the movie BRIGHT featuring will smith on Netflix. You can use the same historical setting of Stalingrad but at the same time you can use your imagination as well. So you are not trapped in a set way of doing things. You can have a whole…[Read more]

  • I come from a small Little town just outside Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA. The spread and impact URB brings to bring such a vast community together is astounding! Pleasure to meet my fellow commanders world wide!!

  • That is pretty close to historically accurate. The Bulge lasted exactly a month according to Historians and war experts. All in all this sounds like a really long game full of Massive URBs lol. Tango for the report this is very helpful, I have been away due to military but since i’m back I will be sure to get back in the fight!!

  • Copy that Lone Ranger thanks for the help everyone!!

  • I was well aware of how bad it would be and I expected many deaths but just like in the actual military you start to get irritated with lengths of fighting. I was prepared to go in their but my very first time stepping in there i went with the mentality of “hit them hard and fast” well that didn’t work at all! lol I seemed to notice that having…[Read more]

  • I just wanted to ask this question because i am sick of hedgerows lol. How long are you fighting and losing great men in the hedgerows?? I’m sick of my Sgts and above getting messed up and killed in the God forsaken lands of what i like to call “the devil’s yard” what day do you get out of them?

  • For my personal preference I would like to see a Modern style Warfare. The game could run like Recon but with modern weapon systems and supports and be facing some terrorist cell called “URBZ” just to throw in some advertizing 😉 I think it would be a good change of pace; NOT THAT THE GAMES ARE BAD I LOVE THESE GAMES YOU ARE AN AWESOME…[Read more]

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