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  • Raymond posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    75+ meters out from finish line. After 2 min of straight fighting recon is asking for coordinates,*presses the recon button* Scroll up to see 111 enemies. At this point I’m thinking ok it’s URB time. 5 min past Germans are still coming after taking several arty shots and mortar fire. Now I’m thinking this has got to be a bug I know I’ve killed more than 111 enemies by now. So i decided to move up when the Germans were coming in and lets just say was it hard. but in the end I got though with a full squad and lost 4 in total.

    • Those 111 enemies where there before you got more enemy reinforcements. Still a very high number.
      How far are you? Days ahead?

    • And no shets were given that day, and Rommel hadz his tea XDDXDXDXDXD

      dood thatz brutal. Arty is like the most game-broken feature of MnB 3, and you still fought an uphill battle :O