• Hey, recently came back to MnB3 (rather experience but new PC and stuff)
    Started on Day 1 – got 14 or 15 Advances and rested, me very happy. I wanted to close my Firefox (version 65.0.1) and it warned me it may be that some data will be lost, which I processed. -> Refreshed -> Please start a new campaign. Me tilted -> tried the same with Recon ->…[Read more]

    • Bersimon made a java attachment to the MnB3 play page that warns people from closing the tab by mistake.
      Lots of folks unintentionally seamed to closed the game tab by mistake.
      Lost saves again. Check your Flash Player setting if it allows for saves/downloads.
      For more help go the the HELP page here located in the top bar of the main page.

  • darkkillerman replied to the topic Funny memos in the forum Recon 2 years ago

    Bird Dog is doing something weird with the TOC! 1 day ago all call signs were reseted by TOC cause some didn’t were ok.
    Funny Bird Dog call sign
    I’m to stupid to post a picture even with help

  • darkkillerman replied to the topic Bounding Mine in the forum New Rangers Corner 2 years ago

    Yeah tried it but sadly nobody stepped on it D: I may try it in a killer mission or something.

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  • So I just wanted to know: What is the M16A2 Bounding Mine and what does it.
    Didnt found a topic for that.
    Thanks for the help.

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