• mittens posted an update 6 months ago

    ok i know the game is suppose to be UNFair, however, how on earth are you suppose to get to wave 100 all the time from game 1 to game 100. How, it takes a while to get past wave 30. i Mean the guys really suck asss what the hell. ugghhh

    • lol! You can see some video about MNB2. There are some dude can pass 500+ wave in the current version. >o<

      • Check this. >o<

        • Bad reference arise since Joker is one of the best MNB2 players worldwide.
          mittens idea of mnb2 is on target. You are NOT suppose to get to wave 100 ALL-the-time.
          The game is more or less designed so that reaching wave 100 can be considered a win where every wave is suppose to be challenging and fun to play.
          For game tips go to the MNB2 Forum and either participate in given topis or start your own.

          • Yeah Yeah I know that, What I reference this is not to show this play for 100 waves is easy, it mean that he can try to dig around and found some better solution or discuss with some excellent player here to help his game play.

            As I don’t have that skill, so I choice someone seems work very well, That is why I reference this video, so I am not sure why it is bad. But whatever.

            • It’s OK. You did nothing wrong arise.
              I simply think a bit differently about things then most of you all.

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