cooper helash

  • Lance replied to the topic recon story's in the forum Recon 4 months ago

    Very nice AAR. Good read man. We love that.
    These games demand a certain hard core tenacity at times but that is what makes them so enjoyable in the end.
    Keep it up!

  • Urb has been kinda busy lately, but he’s commented a bit in the past about things going forward.

    So first off, MnBR has reached the limits of flash. There isn’t much more that Urb can do on Recon. However, Urb has expressed interest on a “Recon 2” project set in the 1980s with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, with the player taking the role…[Read more]

  • Managed to catch this on a lull at work (got access to the site there turns out). Really fun vid to watch, honestly!

    I liked the start of it, where everything was nice an organized. Even saw you practicing the old tenant of the four Fs; find them, fix them, flank them and finish them. Two sections, one that fixes, one that flanks. All good,…[Read more]

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