• Aelix posted an update 11 months ago

    a suggestion but migth be pretty hard to make for Urbzz

    Soo a mission called Armored Extraction where you help 1 Patton with 4 US marine surrounding it

    the armored collum start from the south then help them to reach the north.

    if the Patton is destroyed you failed

    but if the 4 marines died, you can still proceed the mission

    Once the patton is extracted, you finnish the mission with the Patton and the marines.

    now to make it like your usual urb game,

    your chance of a T34-85 (new NVA tank idea) will be high, but dont worry that’s an outdated tank youre dealing with and the Patton is much stronger than the T34

    the enemy will never be Local or Region force but always be NVA soo you wacth out for that

    and higher chance of ZSU too for knocking out your guys but not the tank

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      An escort mission or side-mission would be nice.

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