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  • Aelix posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    How to win MNB3 macthes
    spam Reset button

    • Using exploits is the furthest thing from winning actually. But it is a generation problem, not your fault.

    • Or refresh the game (same profile) until you are so 10 days behind schedule because then all you need to do is advance in line (hit the 9 key) on until you hit an enemy.
      Wait till they are all dead and repeat till you are at the end of the field.
      No need to upgrade anything. 🙂

      • what’s the fun in that?

        • Minimal and that is the intention of my super NOOB tactic suggestion. 😉
          Since some players still complain how hard the game is I propose to them to allow themselves to get far behind schedule for the “easy” setting and then learn from there.
          From Kongi to Urbanian so to speak. :mrgreen:

        • idk about anybody else here but im here for the urb, for a good kick in the a**

      • This it works without having to refresh at all and has allowed me to advance until somewhere past hedgerows in one go, to which the game becomes similar to World War I where you remain in one position and bomb out the area ahead of you before advancing, inflicting a large amount of casualties.