• Aelix posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    Whos here passed Northen France in MNB3?

    • XD

      • But trust when you Reach the (Liberation of Belgium) you’ll regret playing the game
        it’s pretty much the reason i gave up
        I’m trying not to bring anyone’s hopes down
        just saying but yeah Obviously i have so

    • @conscript Im in Czek territory now. Dont worry about any of the level past Northern France. They are mostly easy. Just keep watch on your rank and how many days you are ahead. robert like so many others have run into a area that they get more “urbed on” for me it was Northern France. About the hardest thing to beat is the boredom after a while since new maps arent implemented yet so you play on the same field FOR THE REST OF THE game. Cant blame urb though its mostly only him working on this in spare time. So just worry mostly about YOUR OWN morale.