• Is that a McDonalds medal? That really is a near complete profile because I’ve never seen that medal before!

  • I always felt like everything fun in life cost money. Then, while I was playing MNB, I felt like a freeloader for having fun for free, so I ended up buying Urbzzz some coffee.

  • A prestige system after reaching MnB General rank would be interesting….

  • As for losing continuously is that you can either be fragged, sniped by a NVA assassin, suicide from guilt, or being discharged or replaced.

    Wow, I can already imagine playing with friends then suddenly one of them is fragged by their own men and everyone at the table is shocked and ridiculing them for letting such a thing happen.

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    If I could ask for anything, it would be a fail safe that keeps at least one paratrooper above 11+ health. I would rather start the challenge with 1 paratrooper on the verge of death than have an instant end.

  • CommanderMcmuffin posted an update 1 year ago

    *Is having fun playing MB2*

    *Tries to do a ParaTrooper Challenges*

    *All Paratroopers die on impact*

    *Gets pissed off and has to take a long break*

    • Lance replied 1 year ago

      eeww. . . Congrats for the fastest loss?! :mrgreen:
      I do hope that urbzz will do at least a small update/patch for Mnb2 on it’s 10th anniversary.

      • If I could ask for anything, it would be a fail safe that keeps at least one paratrooper above 11+ health. I would rather start the challenge with 1 paratrooper on the verge of death than have an instant end.

    • Aelix replied 1 year ago

      boi you shouldve use 4 tabs of MNB2 to play that challange

      luckly i finish with just 2 tabs

      • Lance replied 1 year ago

        So you found a scam. So what. Nothing else to post here?

  • What are the losing conditions? In many table top game like D&D, a reckless player that fails to properly manage themselves or make proper decisions can get their characters killed and end the game.

    What happens if the player continuously fails to complete his missions or sustains horrendous casualties consistently?

    How badly would one horrible…[Read more]

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    One time, when I was playing MNBR, I had a 4 man squad of my most experienced most skilled Rangers in my whole chalk go out on a Attack base mission, but it turned out that the base I was suppose to attack was right below the landing zone, so when the chopper dropped my squad, the base that had an artillery gun blew up all my soldiers as they got…[Read more]

  • I’m very terrible at the screening missions. It seems like no matter how far apart I stretch my men with proximity locators, somehow, some where, one very small enemy force would walk past my men and result in me failing. Even when I succeeded, it would be from pure dumb luck that I just so happened to randomly guess when the enemy reinforcement…[Read more]

  • The weapon locks and free option would be a god send. Plus the “Stick very close” and “feel free to wander” would help, after 3 years of playing Recon on and off I still have no idea whats the general distance of “[Blank] is now following Ranger [blank]”.

    If we rephrased it with the “stick very close” and “feel free to wonder” to “[Blank] is now…[Read more]

  • If I could also make a simple request…POWs are our captured brothers right? Which means they are trained solders right? So shouldn’t they also be able to follow basic orders movement orders like when to move and when not to move. If we could just be able to give them move orders and assign them to the 6,7,8 & 9 as hot keys, that would be super…[Read more]

  • Had no idea about the pond stopping them. Thanks for that.

    The only reason my flamer got up to 70 exp was because I was using combat leadership to boost him up. I only wanted to unlock the ribbon for completion purposes but I didn’t want to invest more than 2 games into the ribbon so I used about 20 tactical points to make a super flamer and I…[Read more]

  • Just finished getting the BBQ ribbon on a new profile but I just watched a man on fire run through two lines of barbed wire while he was having the flesh burned off him and he killed my flamer with 93 rifle skill and about 70 exp.

    Then it occured to me, in all my years playing this game,I’ve never seen a burning German get caught on barbed…[Read more]

  • That’s true, but for stealth committed play through in which contact with the enemy is reduced to a minimum, you won’t rack up enough dead Vietnam to gather enough intel to make up for the point investment. Same applies to enemy assets, since they are usually guarded I only risk searching them on rare occasions.

    So for stealth players,at least on…[Read more]

  • As long as I get something for recruiting them I would be happy. I also like the idea of getting bonus rewards from villagers that scales with the Vietnamese skill. Truth is I have only 1 guy in my chalk ANY skill points in Vietnamese, since it just seems like a waste with the few rewards that comes with talking to villagers.

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  • Merit sounds reasonable, just imagine the back briefing.

    “Sir, the mission was a success, 26% of the AO was observed and the enemy sustained casualties. All four rangers and plus two were successfully evacuated.”

    “Plus two?”

    “Yes sir, apparently the rangers came across a village and according to reports 2 able bodied Vietnamese decided to rally…[Read more]

  • Came across a village, I have a ranger who I use as my comm officer and my “Natives” expert and he convinced two of them to join our cause, even armed them with some muskets off some nearby dead VC that they used to kill. Was disappointed to find out that there is no bonus exp for successfully keeping them alive and getting them on the chopper.…[Read more]

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