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Commander Deltor

  • I liked this place back when we had the dark forum with the soldier icons. But all things must move on, and all good things must come to an end. This site has made me laugh, cry, rage, and insult the heavens more than once. I’m happy it all happened.

  • Did urbzz do anything to fix the invisible mines in MnB3?

    • Perhaps it’s best this way because mines are suppose to be invisible after all.
      This is about the only true unfair factor in MnB3 and it is fully OK as is in my view.
      I always play days ahead and almost never have mine incidents so it is actually a nice scare when someone suddenly blows.
      A 100% original MNB event that as a player one should…[Read more]

  • Been playing Mud and Blood for years upon years, literally since I was 12, thanks Urbz. Think I speak for everyone when I say I’d be bored to death without your games