• Buggish's profile was updated 2 years ago

    • Welcome Sir Buggish! Have ya come for MnB3, MnB2, Recon, or Last Winter? -{ 🙁 ..maannn, you better be a real person, that was ALOT of typing…}- 😉 In any case, welcome aboard.

      • sorry for not posting sooner i was updating my profile pics.
        Also I have been playing URB games for years and I wanted to help with mnb3

        • Well, welcome aboard partner. Wander about the place and speak freely, :/ ..lord knows everyone else does… but try and stay on the subject of that particular thread. If ya just wanna spout out nonsense, head over to the Sleeping Bear. Can’t go off subject there, but do watch out for the new Sheriff, he’s interesting to say the least.

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