• Brendan posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Hello all!
    Just want to take a moment to thank Urb and the dev team for putting so much effort and time into the Mud and Blood series. I have played MnB for many years and have nothing but respect for the series. The nostalgia value is on another level! I do, however, have some concerns regarding development of the series. I’ve noticed that recently most dev effort has been allocated to MnB 3. Don’t get me wrong, MnB 3 is a masterpiece, and I have nothing against it other than the fact I believe Recon is better in so many ways. In my opinion, Recon has the most potential out of any other MnB, maybe even any Urb game. Everything from the game mechanics, visuals, gameplay, aesthetics, and fact that it is historically realistic make Recon one of the most advanced flash games I’ve ever seen. The game could even land a spot on Steam with a little more work (if that’s possible for a flash game), and I would love to see that happen. I have been playing it ever since it came out and I hate to see its development slowing down a bit. MnB 3 is cool, but I just don’t see it becoming a franchise-tier game that can go beyond web gaming. I’m afraid it’s too simple for that. The biggest problems I have with MnB3 is that it just seems like a slightly more advanced version of MnB2, and the fact that it is very repetitive and limited in terms of strategy dynamic. Recon, on the other hand, has seemingly endless potential. It seems Recon isn’t far from completion, and if it can be improved a bit I guarantee you that the effort will pay off. Along with the glaringly incomplete Recon wiki, the game itself can be expanded in many ways, maybe to include a more advanced LRRP base or command tent, South Vietnamese LRRPs on certain missions, or VC tunnels to be searched by tunnel rats just to name a few ideas. The game is just too beautiful and full of potential for it to be ignored and forgotten like MnB Vietnam or the ill-fated MnB 1. To sum it up, I think Recon absolutely needs to be completed before MnB 3 is. That’s all I’m trying to say. Holistically reviewing the two games in regards to overall complexity, realism, strategy, and playability, MnB3 doesn’t even come close. This is just a suggestion from a guy who knows absolutely nothing about coding, and please do whatever you guys feel is best for the series, but I know for a fact that many other MnB fans out there would love to see some more work on Recon. Once again, huge props to the devs for all the work you guys have put in.

    Brendan S. (IG: @war_pic)

    PS: Make an official MnB Instagram!! I would shout it out

    • Thank’s a heap for this awesome feedback and review.
      Currently the game developer (urb) is going away from Flash to LUA since it is not possible to make any additions to games like Recon in Flash and most likely will host all then converted games on Steam.
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