• I’m dumb as a rock when it comes to tech stuff so I’m probably gonna look pretty stupid here, but how exactly does one download Recon, Star Destroyer, MnB2, etc since Flash is dead (sorry if people have already asked but I couldn’t find any discussions on it), and can one point me to any simple directions for doing so? I have a mac. Also, are the…[Read more]

    • Flashpoint. It’s all about Flashpoint. It’s got most if not all of the games. If you can’t find it, there are links on the Discord page.
      The new Steam version is scheduled to be released in December

  • Hello all!
    Just want to take a moment to thank Urb and the dev team for putting so much effort and time into the Mud and Blood series. I have played MnB for many years and have nothing but respect for the series. The nostalgia value is on another level! I do, however, have some concerns regarding development of the series. I’ve noticed that r…[Read more]

    • Thank’s a heap for this awesome feedback and review.
      Currently the game developer (urb) is going away from Flash to LUA since it is not possible to make any additions to games like Recon in Flash and most likely will host all then converted games on Steam.
      For more Urbanian small talk use our DISCORD channel.
      Link in top bar here.

  • I’ve played and followed this game ever since the alpha came out and I’ve absolutely loved it, but one question has always hovered over my head. How does the tour system work? I just finished a 2nd tour with 96% merit and I was denied another tour. Is it really ALL based on merit? And is there a maximum tour amount? I’m pretty confused on this and…[Read more]

  • Here is my list for what I think is the best MnB Recon loadout for medium-high heat and non-stealth missions. Tell me what you all think is the best loudout for med-high heat missions. I’d love some additional ideas.

    (Heavy hitter, mandatory for overt attack and defense missions)

    (Decent range/damage combo and rate of fire.…[Read more]

  • Lance: The “rare” weapons that people suggested don’t have to be implemented commonly into the VC arsenal. These suggestions are good suggestions, there’s no such thing as a bad suggestion unless it has nothing to do with anything. If anything, these suggestions show that the community is active and willing to participate. Weapons such as the…[Read more]

  • Some great suggestions here. I’d personally like to see some more French weapons from the 1st Indochina War come into play such as the Lebel or MAS rifles. Some Smith and Wesson revolvers would be amazing too, for Smith and Wessons were some of the most common revolvers at the time. I know M1 Garands were somewhat uncommon, but I would like to see…[Read more]

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