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    Here is the MNB3 suggestion thread. To read the previous forum post click here.


    Glad new place is warm so now we should back on line and keep our job.

    Before I speak about any suggestion comment, I will simply point out two things.

    *Recon is a big game, and with a massive loading to add new Unit or support should be consider very deeply. As engine loading have it’s limit.
    *For every suggestion, I will love to have much more specific idea if possible. Short sentence with power that is for sure, but with much specific idea and discussion, we can let each other know about the idea and discuss quickly and deeply.

    Example with short:

    “Make it so the insertion is just one helicopter or try to plz”

    and example with long:

    “Keep Insertion as two Huey as well.

    Reason: Because the Insertion is the most dangerous part in the mission in real battlefield. Sure the landing zone around specific AO will not be too much, it is a jungle. To put a single Huey and wish not be detect actually is not as good as it could. The helicopter create loudly noise from miles away so everyone can notice them. No Huey Stealth Insert as it can not be silent.

    So, The Army choice another way, increase the firing power. At least if landing zone is trapped by VC troop, they get enough firing power to turn back or landing under heavy fire. In real life, Mostly Huey group will guard with a Huey with MiniGun or even with Cobras. Five or more helicopter as a insertion group. Stealth in will always be walk from very far away, as there are no silent option with Helicopter.

    We do have cobras cover and stealth insert kill card so standard landing with two Huey is a concept. The same as the most of Special operation min equipment – At least one back up Huey!”

    Yeah! Not meant to say anything just with have much more deeply information from your suggestion, as it can help Urb to put in something with very specific way. coding a game is just like that, the more detail you get the much easier you can found the way to add it in.

    Thanks dude. >o<


    Thanks @Kacpo, The URBS Wildfire is an awesome stuff.

    , Yes we are trying to grab anything user made guide or HQ article as Boss are asking me to bring back some article to him. sure he got the way to handle my large numbers of file. (90000+)

    Thanks, it is very helpful. Keep up great work there brother.


    If possible, I believe the edit post function is good as it always be. If that will not be too hard to add. Somehow, we do need to edit or update our post after others already reply it. So, I think this will be much more convenient while posting.


    Yeah! It suit the Urb game. Just a little bit bright so can not adapt that quick as the previous forum is deep color. Maybe it is my problem. XD

    I also notice we have fix view previous HQ’s notification’s problem. Such as notification is not convenient to mark read or frequent need to reload. All fix right now, love it.

    *I believe the other game link can also in, like SD or Flagshipped as what we have in previous forum.

Viewing 5 posts - 586 through 590 (of 590 total)