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    Change the core mechanics and six man rule (Hard task, but with the help of the community we can make it happen); Right now the tactics are somewhat limited because of this mechanic. There’s only one way to play; bunkers above pause line and jam 6 men in it.

    The most important thing about MNB2 part, is six man rule will not be change!

    Why we need six man rule? That mean player can’t use numbers to over power the field, it is a key core set about MNB2 game play, most of balance and tactic control is base on this setting, so it will not be change even we can get MNB2 update in future.

    Did a really play around the pause line? No not really. That is for 200+ waves player to play for. But I never wish to find game setting hole and try to break to limit, so I never play like that, I still can get 75+ to 175+ waves, so that is about how you play MNB2, not how MNB2 limit you play. MNB2 never put the stress on you, just don’t die. XD

    Smoother FPS and gameplay (One session can already take an hour, the laggs are a real menace)

    Yeah, maybe Urb can find the way, but I think it is quiet ok for most of game play.

    Slightly bigger map

    For eyes maybe, but all interaction size will not been changed. The field change will rquire new balance setting for MNB2, and it is a job never worth to do.

    Killcards and elements from Recon applied to MnB2 (Killcard one free arty, one free Tommy gun, Office notes and how to handle them etc)
    – Expanded career perks and more ribbons
    – Concept from Darkest dungeon; After each game gain points to upgrade your barracks, rations,etc. to upgrade your local HQ, which will affect Morale/gun skill on average. Community can help with more suggestions.

    All you say is in the ribbon system we currently had, maybe it is not fancy like Recon, but it is good as MNB2 is a classical old game. Maybe we will get more ribbon in future. XD

    Wespe’s, 222, German AA tank, various vehicles should be destructible by small arms fire and the crew shot out.

    Unit balance, I don’t think it will happened, as those unit tend to let you use AT weapon to deal with. shoot a guy out from Wespe with rifle may take a hundreds year, you already been blow up to sky as an old angel. XD

    Germans still being able to shoot in PAUSE

    Try to pause when no threat around. XD Mostly people don’t fight pause, but yeah we all know it can be improved. but like Recon pause… ( Urb World always give something you have to deal with. >o<)

    I like the HQ building. It rewards players by taking risks. Wish there were more base buildings.

    Yeah, I wish too. Must need lots of test to make sure it good, but worth it like more unit or some base element for interaction.

    German can 2v1 Melee your guys, but you can not do the opposite. *Flashbacks to Saving private ryan Upham scene*
    – Random events in favor of the player (Tank company crosses your battlefield for a minute, for example)
    – Friendly AT guns blowing up your own bunkers
    – Friendly tanks, AT guns, halftrack with AT pod shooting in own group of friendlies because a sdfkz 222 spawned there. This game mechanic is simply not fun. You cannot even do hold fire on vehicles. (You can move AT guns to avoid them shooting, but there is no solution for the other two)

    Again like six man rule, it will stay. Not fun? Maybe but most player don’t think so. Friendly fire is one of best element for MNB2. There are tend to be friendly fire everywhere. Grenade, Arty, Flamethrower, Mine….. so many. and thanks god Urb does not add friendly fire about bullets. lol

    What Urb build is what will happened in real battlefield, in tense combat, FF is the end for anyone, but mostly you don’t have choice. We play the game to remind, they fight there and lose their life for something.

    What you have to do is try to prevent it, make wise decision and make it quick, also may the god stay with you, because this is URB game. Unfair! Random! Brutality! You need to check the article about it.

    Thanks for the suggestion still, I think Urb will like these reply.

    Have fun around and keep up good work. >o<

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    Common issue, and you should read the article about ” How to back up the profile ” around the forum.

    CC Cleaner is tend to clean your save file for all MNB game, use by caution. www



    Yeah, that is quiet close for the ending line, but I can’t find the way to heal my Gunner in the late. So I think upgrade the mortar is a wrong decision as I can save it for another healing. QAQ

    And the noob action- Send your commando to the friendly arty landing zone is probably the most stupid action I ever had since I start to play MNB3. lol

    Skill downgrade since I have not play this game for a long time. XD

    Happy for the next run. ww



    Bad day always. XD



    First post for long time. >o<

    I must to admit that we do try to start on wiki work but we failed it. Because all of old member get too busy in real life work actually. So the wikia is suppose to be a new wiki for every URB game but actually only few stuff be upload.

    That sounds sad for everyone. I also believe the main trouble people can’t work on wikia is people somehow have different thinking there about how to build it. This will be another issue we have to fixed.

    *Did we going to upload spoiler stuff? Or no like what they say on Wikia? Waning for spoiler with hide page?
    *The way to build the wiki as rule already been add there, but how to work?
    *What be the first? Or random fire?

    Otherwise I feel I would like to start my wiki work instead of the one we try to start it. I feel bad about that one, no offensive but I really do.



    Nice run, LWillter.

    I never see that screen so. lol

    I feel my Survival mod is always brutal as hell, guess I play not good enough. XD

    BTW, call me on Discord as I constantly been block out from the site. Thanks. >o<

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    I never beat it, I would say that is a bug.

    I can survive to 200+ seconds the game is not end still lol

    I am sure something must be wrong on it. ( AT least on your game. )

    XDDD Whatever, nice game.



    I don’t know if this one is helpful as it’s English is bad, but yeah and Intel for sure.

    My article

    Hope this help you. ww



    From my experience, the most fun part is understand how people build up their board game step by step.

    Keep up good work @kacpo >o<

    I always wish to decrease the step and dice when I am building a board game, but somehow if you really want a full function , it seems some counter or dice check is necessary. Your art skill is awesome, I like the setting too.

    I will keep following the update. XD URB on!



    @lwillter Sorry response for so late. XD Because I am out of here for too long. ww

    *To survive the Landing helicopter, Kill the gunner, or keep moving before the gunner out. That will be the only two option to stay alive.

    1. To kill the gunner you can grenade few rounds, or use a powerful gun with lots of bullet.

    2. Run fast, mostly stay in the start place you inter the map is not a good habit in some of mission, in some of mission the enemy reinforcement will get in after some period of time. Keep with your hand for Pistol, you will move faster. Before the helicopter come, you will heard the sound. Then run very very fast, don’t even stop for something.

    *That is the bug for sure, maybe I can let @urbzz know about it.

    Yeah, money if the best feed back in this game, although you die quickly in this game. XDDD



    Gunner, Engineer, Spec Ops, Medic, RTO, ( Marksman/Rifleman )

    *Engineer for Bazooka and Mine is a main weapon you can handle vehicle or reinforcement.
    *Gunner mainly to pin the large group of German and kill them when in closer range.
    *Spec Ops, TNT and call F-Force to reinforce your squad.
    *Medic, heal so you have chance to win the long fight, obviously.
    *RTO, New GI, Bomb and Arty support.
    *Marksman mainly kill German, Rifleman for three grenade as a nice AP unit and also can accidently be use as back up AT way.

    My Opinion when you are +6 or more advance the day, the fight will be long for each map for sure, but you can win if you handle well and patient.



    Yeah, MNB3 is something like this, you try and die for so many times, then you become master. >o<

    URB game is truly a roguelike style game series, move! boys!!!



    I think maybe someone can write a guide for this, anyone?




    There are no MNB3 download version currently, sorry. >o<



    Here is the new record for this challenge, I made this when I am streaming. lol
    I would say I get a lucky on Engineer draw, this one is awesome, so I no need to buy BAR, just pick M1 Carbine. >o<

    138*5 + 966 = 1656 ” New Record!!! ”

    Important Part:

    *Game start ( 00:07:15)
    *Use Mine to free Engineer from Brandenburg Infiltrator, it is a important skill show how you make you out alive without waste tons of TP. ( 00:21:04 )
    *Paratrooper Blitz!!! ( 00:46:38 )
    *Large German Change tactic! ( 01:07:08)

    Finally, the Flak-38 block the Wespe firing sound ,so I did not notice she fire another round, and damn! How accurate! =_= luckily, the German sniper never get me, or give me a Sniper Blitz. 0o0

    So I need to think how to deal with Wespe, more careful? lol

    Please enjoy the show. XD

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by  Arise.
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