• Arise posted an update 5 hours, 10 minutes ago

    Next Backup timer will set on May 1th! (Previous one is March 20th )

    Don’t ask me what happened to the server or is our site got any attack…etc. No! Please don’t! This is just regular back up. So enjoy the day.

    P.S Boss do you want to get backup update, save in two computer seems safer then just in one. ( @Urbzz ) XD

  • Just have a very nice day with German tank, as the new AI coding and improve the moving again, now they fight well. To be honest this put some pressure on the player that they can not dig in when facing the tank, and I believe this is what we want.

    They follow and they pin the alley with their tower MG and shell, once German infantry spot you,…[Read more]

  • Ops! This still prove that my English skill is poor as usual. XDDDD
    Got it! @Lance

    I just like what Star Trek use transform and use it too common in my home, Ha!Ha! >o<


    Back to game:

    I am not sure how the Spawn point work, but I think they work too close to the Alley troop. It should be outside the Alley…[Read more]

  • Something like this prove my theory.

    I also found something very interesting, we all know sometimes the German will become visible even he is out of spot range if you have a long game play. I found something very interesting that this visible – Invisible status of German will exchange by time. Currently I can not specify how long it will…[Read more]

  • Currently I think the tank have some problem on their moving, as German tank is going to have some improve in this patch, then I see this.

    It looks very strange, require some express and head up.

  • For the 4 and 6, let me explain what I mean deeply. >o<

    First, the transforming of German is come from the new setting since the 0.19 I think, in oder to make sure the German reinforcement will not stuck around the ending line for one air support, the system be change to move the German to much closer to player once there are less enemy around…[Read more]

  • So the vanish of Truck is confirmed now, as Lance you have the same result with me. I will link it up to the list.

    I have not test the jeep yet, also need someone get eyes on the German HMG which will get the explode damage or not will require more test.

    *The Spec Ops stealth still remain forever somehow if he don’t shoot.

    I would like that…[Read more]

  • Arise posted an update 2 days, 2 hours ago

    Recently I encounter(about three day ) with some connection problem to the, It keep running for very long time but just don’t load anything or simply bring me a uncompleted page. I am not sure does anyone encounter with the same problem like me? I have to try so many times in order to have a complete page load.

    In my computer, Other…[Read more]

    • Happens sometimes to me as well. What helps for me is to go to close the tab, go to a popular site like you-tube and then open it again in another tab.
      Seams that my PC can find the MNB server better that way.

  • Ha!Ha! Kacpo, you are right. XDDDD

    I just use this to prove my theory, then I got some point:

    1. Pistol is really poor when on the officer hand without any promotion, even he already have 70% bonus, he still hit nothing. So maybe this weapon is really suit for very close combat I guess( Very very close!!! )

    2. Shotgun should be nerf in…[Read more]

  • Just have some suggestion from the DDA Chinese community for MNB3, I simply write down here to let it be notice.

    Seems we are setting the weather, they suggest some effect to helping the MNB3 rain.

    *The rain will give some chance that the radio connection will broke, so this will simply nerf the over power use for any tactic include RTO. ( Just…[Read more]

  • These two picture prove that the German still transform too close to the Alley and make it looks very strange, also express some brutal fight. In that case, dig still can get a great benefit when you are around the end line, maybe this have to discuss in future balance problem.

    Urb brutality!!! XD

  • Howdy, from here, the MNB3 0.20c is up.

    Although the Scout-Marksman are not support to be use as game play in the tester group, but this time I get no choice to do it. Also can test the Scout’s scam skill, so this is the show.

    See the first bunker place? It is going to tell you let you have a very bad day. XD

  • Yes! @lt-dan cleaning function will remove all current support and destroyed asset, so even the enemy shell will be remove. BTW, when the game pause, support timer will still running, so don’t pause when rain is falling on you currently. XD

  • Topic: Particle Removal Function (!)

    I would suggest not to remove this function before we finished the real particle cleaning function, in the alpha state, if for testing then just don’t use it unless it really bother your game testing. Actually I use it very commonly as my computer still will be suck by loading when I am recording a…[Read more]

  • Nice work brother!

    Damn! I must been sit there not play St-Lo too long so this map suck me again, 1 map for 1 hr, Damn!!!!

    Be advice this video is very long, if you want some head up to watch this video, please read the bug report thread about this video. Thanks!

    Always hard and brutal. Orz………

  • 0.20b Report:

    *The Truck in the St-Lo seems have some sort of problem, I do encounter with one truck show in my front road and suddenly disappeared like nothing happened. Not sure does this affect in all map or just in the St-Lo. Not sure the cause will be I scroll the screen when truck out, or the animation problem. Just notice. (see the…[Read more]

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  • Talk about the HMG, I agree to nerf it’s accuracy to as close as our Gunner currently accuracy. In this point, to let in come to real, the each bullet shoot should be very high, and also have a chance to gib a unit instantly, this is the point to stand.

    50 caliber or bigger actually is much more accurate and stable then normal bullet, as it’s…[Read more]

  • No Problem! Dude. Actually I try to force Vehicle to concentrate fire on enemy for 2 years, and it always give me a bad result. (XD) After two years play, when My English skill level up enough to read the wiki, then I found I am wrong so deeply. …..Orz…..


    It is good to take some time to read the wiki, there are lots of good stuff and…[Read more]

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