• Great! You build the game so fast! WoW.

    Will have a try when it out.

  • This post is the member @joker encounter with posting problem so he let me post here.


    I wanted to post a video of a combined mining-AT guns game. Video bugged at wave 68, but I at least have a screenshot how it ended.

    Germans were really nervous early in the game, V2 hit us in wave 12.

    Starting moves…[Read more]

  • Good day all Commander, MNBR 1.5 is out for a while and we have some note for this patch.

    Update Note:

    *Fixed the dedication ribbon.
    *Fixed Intel image going through all events on BDA crate’s NVA […]

  • Arise posted a new activity comment 1 day, 23 hours ago

    All I found it is a big problem that we can not edit old post so the thread can no be update or re-write. So Bothering with this problem.

  • Arise posted an update 2 days ago

    I am annoying with the same question over and over again.

    Could we build up some rule or at least the hint tell those guy to search the forum before they ask? It is bad the same question been ask in different thread over and over again.


    • Lance replied 2 days ago

      Well the simple Update Post function on the main page is a fast way to get info on stuff here.
      There is currently no hint on the HQ Front Page like a FAQ Drop-down-selection in the menu bar so that new people know to look in the forums for help.
      I do not feel it is a bothersome thing when someone does not know, so instead we Regs here should…[Read more]

      • All I found it is a big problem that we can not edit old post so the thread can no be update or re-write. So Bothering with this problem.

      • Is thare a “pin option”? So that a certian (explaining important/repetitive stuff) post could be pinned to the top of the main page, so that everyone who enters see it first?

  • Arise replied to the topic How do I play MNB2? in the forum Mud and Blood 2 2 days, 1 hour ago

    Howdy dude. Any Browser can’t guarantee you be able to open the game. You can check this thread.

    Same discussion in the forum

    You need to check the setting on how your browser be set to perform the action to swf file or html file, to make sure your computer open it, not save it.

    More to follow if still encounter with any problem.

  • Here comes about some idea for Snatch system in recon. ( I think this one is not so crazy. XD )

    1. Rope

    *When you snatch some VC, you can click the ranger back pack to use item – Rope. The VC will become a status like disable Ranger which laying on the ground and can’t move anymore, so ranger no need to worry about he will trying to escape. (…[Read more]

  • Good job men, glad you fix it. >o<

    Keeping back up the old profile is a good habit, Keep it on.

    Have a good day with Urb game. XD

  • You are welcome! @scorch >o<

    In the patch 1.5, we have some re-balance on the noise system, so it is much possible to create noise when you walk to the VC. And this might trigger the VC turning instant, they will say something like:” What?!” And turn back try to find something.

    But this is not so hard I believe, you can try more. ( I guess you…[Read more]

  • Yes, it is known bug for very long time.

    You know the Recon is a big game, and it still contain with some very nasty bug like VC flying or something weird. This thing also happened on the rotate shoot down Huey too in history.

    Thanks god this did not keep happened. Will keep eyes on. XD

    In my experience, this bug seems relate to some computer…[Read more]

  • Wow! Ask some question first:

    1. Is this keep happened to you? After you turn off the game and re-up, will it be still the same?
    2. Did you make sure your game load completely, I mean did it still running when you click into the game.

    I can sure this will not be a game bug itself, possible come from the PC capacity. As I did not see any bug…[Read more]

  • You mean the same distance formation between the ranger right?

  • Arise posted a new activity comment 2 days, 12 hours ago

    Thanks Dude. >o< The people keep hard here, and we all wish to share the game for more member here. Glad you love this community, I love here too! ( Cheer XD)

    • A “Thanks” is always welcome and not at all un-cool.
      It still strikes me sometimes when people take everything in this great free place for granted as if there where no effort involved to present anyone that comes here this swell gaming community day in, day out for many, many years strait.
      Hell, from my point of view we are doing better…[Read more]

  • Well, I never try it, but I think no. The only way to get your ammo back is to refilled it by Ammo Box or Supply Drop I think.

    This will be discuss in future Recon patch, as we think the Snatch System is very important in the Recon game.

  • Arise posted a new activity comment 2 days, 17 hours ago

    Maybe I know this story about this picture, name call:” Saga of Tanya the Evil ” At least very close one.

  • Well, actually we do have some good stuff in previous forum, but they all lose during the site attack event, so we have a new home. Hope someone can made some awesome guide here, and keep the MNB2 hot. >o<

    Recently I focus on how to max the Engineer power while process with ending mind field stand, That is a big study on how to Mine the German,…[Read more]

  • Arise posted a new activity comment 3 days, 10 hours ago


  • @avalanchesnow Yes we have, but before I answer your question, I need to mention that this problem should be ask in other thread, this one is bug report thread. XDDDD

    The Guide

    Enjoy the MNBR and have a Urb day! >o<

  • Arise posted a new activity comment 3 days, 12 hours ago

    Currently It is not function in 1.5b, it will be fix in future, just not sure when, as the MNB3 is also keep going. >o<

  • For me, every weapon is good actually. As I seldom open fire and my heat never raise to more then 25%. So any weapon should be fine for me, Well, except something like a Musket or Pistol. >o<

    But personally I would suggest give different weapon for different combat skill level and exp level soldiers. As new and old should use different weapon,…[Read more]

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