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    Posted for Arise since he managed to kick himself of the site once again:
    Arise @everyone
    I will do life Stream at 2018 0117 2200 Beijing time, for MNB3 and MNBR.
    I will see you all there.

  • Arise replied to the topic Screenshots in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 3 days ago

    @squadaholic117 lol

    That is really really positive way. XD

  • Kacpo replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 3 days, 7 hours ago

    Thanks @Tyrud.

    Other tanks were present at first, but I cut it out for the test build.

    The initial set up is that players start with single rifleman squad in their deployment zone and start from there.
    Of course, first few turns are relatively quiet as no one is really shooting at anything.

    The economy of dispatching new units work like…[Read more]

  • Lance posted an update 3 days, 10 hours ago

    Watching now! Looking good. 🙂

  • Arise posted an update 3 days, 13 hours ago

    I will do life Stream at 2018 0114 2200 Beijing time, for MNB3 and STWALT.

    See you there.

    • damn. missed it.
      What was happening anyway?

      • Arise replied 3 days ago

        Kacpo, maybe you can get it next time. Sorry, I will try to inform everyone much more earlier then this time, three hour seems can’t get enough people to join my show. lol

        MNB3 give a three round advance in Hedgerow, Two Gunner tactic until Engineer and 1 Gunner get blow up by Mortar, then change to Frenchies tactic. With several tactical retreat…[Read more]

  • This game was solely for the X-Mas Ribbon. Been a few years since I even seen Santa in my games.
    The V1 Blitz took me a bit by surprise for once that it came so early and second that my Radar did not warn me long in advance.
    As to my set up. I like to keep it basic game style (Small Squad Tactics) unless fooling around or actually aiming for…[Read more]

  • Not too bad a game, Lance, with an added classic Santa kill to boot too, hehe. Game was liable to end quite differently had the Germans adjusted those V1’s a bit more. Any particular reason you stuck only to infantry (buildings aside)?

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 6 days, 20 hours ago

    You have my utmost respect and commendation for all the work you’ve done for your board game, Kacpo! I’m just getting into board games and table-top RPs myself now and your game seems like something that would be right up my street! I suppose the only thing that bothers me is that, given that there are no other tank types currently, the medium…[Read more]

  • Kacpo replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 1 week ago

    Well, that’s exactly what it says.
    Maybe the last one is more exactly “Assault tactics” or “Storm tactics” but that’s about it.

    You asked for some more to be show. Here are the cards I printed and used in the current state of the game (Except for the icons. I added them once the cards were already printed):

    The contains of a card are:
    In the…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 1 week ago

    I really love board games. Especially the “fighting” types.
    That is some massive work with great detail to the board and rules Kacpo and I sincerely hope that others will enjoy it with you.
    Lord knows that I am bad at finishing my own ideas like that cause on the old forums I started to create a MNB2 Playing card version and I still have but a…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic How to use the First Aid Kit? in the forum Recon 1 week ago

    Good answer Saerimmer but not fully correct.
    Under 24 HP is a Soldier “downed” and needs “stabilizing” to delay him from bleeding out over time.
    The First Aid Kit only works o0n a soldier who’s health is still GREEN.
    So above 74 HP. And it only restores back to a max of 99 health and never 100.
    Note that then most Kill Cards will not get…[Read more]

  • Kacpo replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 1 week, 1 day ago

    @mrprofilen Thanks.
    We’re just playing and checking what works, what does not. Some things that I’ve never considered before appear and I figure them out. Some balance issues become apparent and I already have some tweaking in mind.
    Other than that, I’m getting my ass kicked in my own game.

    @vipility Cool. Good luck with your game.
    I may post…[Read more]

  • urbzz replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 1 week, 2 days ago

    Man this board game looks very interesting. check these guys out when you ready to print !!

  • Kacpo replied to the topic Thy board game in the forum Mud and Blood 3 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hi, so it’s been a while, but I’ve got news:

    I’ve finished the prototype and are now playtesting it with my family.
    I had to cut out a few things to make it simpler adn easier to explain and playthrough, but it still took 7 pages to write down the instruction.

    Here are few pictures of how does it look like:

    The victory points counter and flag…[Read more]

  • Going a bit of track here topic wise but I suppose brain-storming is also a “creative” endeavor.

    Since I took part in the “how tough can zombies be” talk I had a few new ideas to that subject.
    A more powerful zombie(s) could actually take apart any man made vehicle or structure including MBTs.
    How about a Super Soldier experiment gone real…[Read more]

  • urbzz posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Dev update: Currently toying with love2d a game making framework and learning the ropes around it. In order to keep everything scaleable I’m building a small political simulator (maybe Lance and few other have seen the prototype laying around). Good news is i can move stuff around and have buttons. So pretty much sky is the limit 🙂 Will keep you…[Read more]

    • Good to know about this, Urb. XD

      • Seams like an easy to program software.
        Supposedly similar to Amiga Computers. No wonder it is free-to-use by now.
        I looked at some you-tube raw game creations using this and it does seam very easy to comprehend.
        “small political simulator” so you are continuing on StateCraft or something new?
        I have seen vides of…[Read more]

        • I know there’s probably a “Urb please make a game of this” section but I don’t know where it is, so I’m putting it here. Something like MnB3 but World War I. The URB potential for a game like that would be… actually, it’s terrifying. But still, cannon-fodder for thought

          • There’s a prototype about that somewhere which is not mnb1. so it is a credible and looked after concept.

        • not sure where the amiga reference comes. lua (the language behind love2) is being used by world of warcraft, don’t starve and many other games currently. Its closer to the core so more powerful than some ‘easier’ platforms.

  • Lance replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 2 weeks, 2 days ago

  • urbzz posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago


  • Nice reply Polarfuchs.
    Short answer by myself.
    Move each Ranger separately but also closely to each other and very slowly to have the highest possible all around spotting results.
    Stay in the open for maximum spotting range and use LOS blockers (big trees and such *see wiki) to outmaneuver enemies.
    Drawback; very long games. Stay Stealthy!

  • TIP: Use the Buddy Bonus. = Always have as many Rangers as possible close together to increase any Skill Roll by 5 per ranger that is near and on-feet.

    For me Morphine is the easiest solution to stabilize a soldier with a base chance (no med skill) over all other medical items.
    Only a single time did it kill a soldier in my games despite the…[Read more]

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