• Franco Bartolozzi posted an update 6 months ago

    OK well, their is a ton of weird stuff that is going on with the MnB2 game. AS some may have seen in my recent post, i commented on how booby traps are coming out on the mines automatically, however its game #1. Now i was playing a game, i did not like how it was going so i did ANOTHER reset. In that game, i layed down some mines. Now in the next game after the reset, my men started blowing up, in those spots where the mines were layed the last game, even after a profile reset. It is almost as if, each game, whether the profile is reset or not, seems like is just being played over the old game. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on, im not making this stuff up, it is really strange.

    • I test few round on the Firefox but did not discover the situation you encounter, so what browser you use? Maybe try to use another and see how it goes?

      • Bug Confirmed: The Booby Trap will work for mine no matter have ribbon or not.

        • ??? I place plenty of mines and constantly start new profiles but without the ribbon no mine comes automatically booby-trapped. Not in my firefox browser.
          It is surely not the game itself but the way the computer/ browser runs it or some strange Flash setting perhaps.

          • Yeah! I know that, What I mean is not base on the bug of game is base on the reaction. BTW I am not sure if you did not get that medal will this bug happened or not, but I do.

            Whatever, it seems harmless. >o<

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