• Stephen Wilson posted an update 6 months ago

    Is it just me, or does the Morale Boost make the Sniper units STOP fighting in Mud and Blood 2 and not retreat if a tactical withdraw is placed on them?

    • Not to my knowledge but there are rare buggy things that can always happen randomly with MnB2 like that Stop Fighting after giving a command/ upgrade to a soldier.
      I think I had the same thing happen to a green Gunner of mine recently.
      May be that when giving a soldier the Moral Boost they stop whatever they are doing and stand at attention.
      Possible that that soldier gets stuck in attention mode sometimes.
      *Move the effected soldier around.
      *Allow him to get pinned.
      *Give another Moral Boost later on.
      *All around defense command may make him fight again
      *basically do so something to him that requires a forced reaction.
      That a Tactical Retreat not working then is not know to me.
      If all fails use as a meat shield or on a suicide run to make enemy cannons FF themselves.

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