• Alvin860 posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Good day, lad… Long time since I last checked.
    I am pretty captivated by MnB 2 in the past and the interesting guide offered by the community but lately I cant find the guide anymore, can anybody show me where the guide are ? I obviously cant reach more than 200 waves at the current state

    • Lance replied 1 week ago

      Good day, Alvin. :mrgreen:
      Nice to see someone still showing such interest in MnB2 after all these years.
      hmm… you can make 200 waves so what kind of guide would help to do more…
      Did you check the MNB2 forum for related topics?
      MnB wiki?
      Maybe you should look at some game recording that show games over 200 waves or simply very good…[Read more]

  • Alvin860 replied to the topic Squad Composition in the forum Strategies 1 year ago

    A scout with FG42?
    Is there a way to take enemy weapon? How?

  • Arsal Abbas and Profile picture of Alvin860Alvin860 are now friends 1 year ago

  • Alvin860 replied to the topic MNB2 Strategies for newcomers. in the forum Strategies 1 year ago

    Hi.. I am new here! I actually play MnB2 for some time already but now something frustate me.

    How do you all keep your tank or AT Guns safe from the artilery ( especially that accursed WESPE )?

    Is there a trick.

    I find it very frustating that my tank NEVER reach more than wave 100 before pwned by something,same case with those AT Guns.

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