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  • DevilPup29 posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    Okay, So I had to EVAC from the AO in Recon after I couldn’t find the objective. I searched the entire AO, and used Bird Dog, but I couldn’t find the PoWs.. I think it might be a glitch?

    • PoWs are notoriously well hidden, and often require multiple pass through the AO and Bird Dog uses (unless you get really lucky). If you get the mission, at least one is guaranteed to spawn. Whether or not you’ll be able to find them is a whole other story, though. Check the forums for tips for the PoW missions, as I think we have a topic for that. Good luck on the next one!

    • Urb will say:” The bird dog don’t tell a lie ” XD

      You have to make sure there are nothing more in your AO, bird dog will tell you nothing on the ground. If it does not tell you nothing, then means there are still something. searching an asset in POW mission with bird dog is not always good, especially when the mission is commonly with lots of asset. In the POW, there are a lot of Camp site and Trench….etc. Better walk around then call the bird dog.

      So if you can not find POW by bird dog, and it report there are nothing in our AO. ( Well, in your case this will be the worst situation ), some possibility here.

      1. The bird dog information been replace by other information and you did not saw it, so get to the log make sure you don’t miss anything. Sound s like it is very impossible but actually it is a common mistake for player in the Recon.

      2. No matter for what, it been count as spotted but you can’t see it, this is possible for the recon common running problem. Bird dog will not report the asset that been count as spotted!

      3. Something wrong when you get into the mission, probably come from the core running or like you say: Glitch!!!!!! $_$