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  • DevilPup29 posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    Just sitting in the Jungle waiting for MNB3 to come out.

    • Question about Recon, I heard an intercom turn on and some Vietnamese guy start barking orders out. Does anyone know what this means? (Sorry for not asking in forums..)

      • Its a radio site re transmit near it to gain Intel points then blow it sky high when you’re finished.

      • Actually it’s a Viet officer who is rallying men to send after you. 😀

        • In the wiki It said it was a radio site and it was rare as fuck.

          • Radio Site have different sound then NVA Officer barking order. Radio site sound effect will be repeated with only one sound model but NVA Officer shutting will provide different talking make it just like a broadcasting.

            The radio site sound effect will only be heard when you are close enough, but NVA Officer sound can be heard no matter where you are in the AO.

            With these different you can make sure what it is there. The NVA Officer will not contain with much more Intel or have higher possibility to gain Intel. Just you can stop the god damn noise while you are walking in the AO and slightly reduce the NVA moving and reaction speed.

            Radio site is very worthy to take close and obtain the Intel, mostly it give you a lot. And destroyed it after search can create a benefit to slow down the VC communication speed to low down their QRF notice time and they will be slower to react when you turn the AO hot.


      • With that good, you can found a very good item after you kill him, even you can’t pick it up. XD

    • Well, I always hear them shouting orders in like every mission!