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  • DevilPup29 posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    Question about Recon, How do you know if the enemy Reinforcements are moving into your A/O during a Screen-in mission?

    • You need to spread your men out in a horizontal line throughout the AO, and each one needs a sensor thingy. Once they are spread out into a line,you need to deploy the sensors and click them. Once you click them, it will tell you how many enemies are in that area. Once you get 4+ enemies moving in an area, you can answer TOC and extract. That’s how I do it. You can also look
      on the Recon Wiki

    • That’s the whole point of the mission. It’s up to you to detect the upcoming wave, as the BirdDog is not going to report this one.
      If you’re asking about the best method to do so, then I can agree on sensors being essential. The important thing to remember is that you have to remain undetected until you report the NVA arrival. That’s why hiding in a bush adn spamming the sensor is a viable tactic.