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    Desperate time call for desperate measures.

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    • Anyone else see the error in this pic?
      HINT: Wrong weapon….

      • I read often that the German troops on the eastern front loved to get their hands on the ppsh. This here might be re enactment tho.

        • Was a fast shot from me. I read it too now.
          The PPSH 41 had a lot of better fighting characteristics then the MPs.
          Historical data suggests that it helped them win the war.
          Imagine the Germans having the STG44 as standard weapon since 39.

          • Lol. The Germans wouldn’t have won the war with STG 44s if that’s what ur thinking. Their only real hope was to conquer Britain by blockading the shet out of it. They almost did it, but some jackass thought that building more battleships than submarines (Well fun fact actually…technically U-boats back then didn’t rly classify as a true submarine. They were just classed as submersible ships, because apparently they travelled mostly on the surface, only during hiding/attack did they submerge for short periods [This kinda explains why early anti-sub tactics, and weapons were effective…they were more, or less used to pin them underwater, and hope that starving their oxygen supply will force them to withdraw. Or, the U-boats periodic, and frequent visits to the surface forced them to be vulnerable to air-attack]. True submarines on the other hand are apparently classed as vessels that are able to submerge for longer lengths of time, to the point that they travel completely submerged rather than travelling on the surface. True subs only started to emerge after snorkels, and nuclear reactors were developed)…which surprise, surprise…it isn’t…who could’ve fcking saw that one coming huh (hell, submarines are basically like one-man armies in their own right, and the most POWERFUL arsenal in a modern country. There’s a few quotes concerning subs nowadays. 1) “There are only 2 types of sea vessels in the ocean. Subs…and targets.” 2) “The 2 most powerful people on this planet are the president, and the submarine captain [well at least for one who commands a nuclear ballistic sub vessel].”). Also Germany had special type of sea mines back then early during the war, and it caused great problems to British shipping, because they didn’t know how exactly it worked…but thankfully for them, so dumass Jerrry bomber crew, accidentally dropped one on a British beach without properly fusing the mine to explode on contact.

            So, once Germany did cause Britain to capitulate from that blockade, then they could’ve just coerced the rest of Europe to build a giant fcking wall in the path of the Soviet union. Because attacking USSR was bad fffing plan (it wasn’t like WW1 where the Russian’s FULL POTENTIAL INFRASTRUCTURE WASN’T DEVELOPED YET). Perhaps even asking for assistance from the US…and for some reason, even if Germany did develop nukes, they wouldn’t have been able to beat USSR through invasion…because even with the nukes, the Russkis had enough manpower to overpower Europe in a conventional war (post-nukes of course). How do I know this? Well…the planners for “Operation Unthinkable”, the allied plan for invading USSR territory immediately after WW2, also came to the same conclusion

            So…the only major military conflicts that would result after WW2 would be probably Germany baby sitting Italy with its medditerrean, and African conquests (or the Germans could just decide to screw the Italians, and take it for themselves…because the Nazis thought that they were superior to the Italians, and that they were only 3rd class in comparison to the other Europeans. The basterds…no love for pizza >:( ). The other major conflict would be the pacific too maybe, but I don’t know how that would’ve played out

            • Yeah…so Russki manpower…much epic…much doge (even with nukes, when the Russkis didn’t have them during the start of the Cold War). Itz the reason, why NATO was SSSSSOOOOO wary of them during that cluster fck time

            • But nowadays, Russia doesn’t have the manpower it used to have. And its demographics, and military reflects that…their military is gearing toward more expensive, and ergonomic equipment for their troops…long gone are the cheap and disposable AKs, and T-series of tenks. This is very indicative of a professional army with fewer numbers…

              …The only manpower power house I could think of is China right now

        • Anyways. Itz baller that heer soldier has a PPSH trophy. I think I have seen pics of late war Germans using captured M1 garands, and M1A1 carbines

      • And while this clearly isn’t the Western front, we also need to consider the Ost-Batallione, a subdivision of the Ost-Legionen, which were a colection of Eastern conscripts, volunteers and prisoners-of-war, consisting mainly of Balkan peoples, but was also famous for the occasional Far-eastern members such as Koreans and Indians. In some case, including in Normandy, these units were issued captured Soviet (and other nation’s) weapons.