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XP gain gap between classes. By Villainous Lowlife (Discord Username)

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    Level lag of roles: very often it takes up to, or even more than twice the time to level certain roles. (I wont include officer as much, I feel he just needs an all around buff).
    Bonus exp rewarded for the following actions: Healing(awarded in intervals), Signalling airforce(Planes must harm enemies or infrastructure), Suppressing(very small chance to gain exp), and bonus to destroying structures or vehicles.
    Just some ideas I’ve built as in my experience Medic, Signaller and Engineer(has shotgun atleast) have trouble leveling compared to rest of my troops. Gunners seem to lag back very slightly compared to assault classes of commando and rifleman as they rarely cause direct damage.
    In descending order: Rifleman/Scout/Commando seem to level at a faster pace. Then Sniper seems to start slow but then exponentially gains xp faster than anyone, so possibly slowing this down a bit. As a little add-on maybe award exp in very long intervals to officers for morale boosts specifically. Again, maybe a boost to his buffs. I feel he starts off weak then levels up to being just moderately good at his job.
    Your playstyles may be different but I feel mine is decently average as I use the roles largely for their intended purposes.


    I agree upon the idea.

    Personally, I never promote GIs to medics, sigs, engies and officers until they hit 20xp, because it downgrades their Rifle Skills >> Slows xp gain. A medic without Intensive Care it’s nearly useless. Sigs and engies get downgraded without even possesing the abilities, which are the reason you got them.

    Hope it helps a little if anyone is struggling.


    I also agree, but there are few things you need to keep in mind:
    -Exp is awarded for damage, not for kills.
    -You can give a soldier additional +5 XP every time he’s walking on point at certain moment.
    -Everyone earn experience passively, at a slow pace.

    This means, that while it’s easier for Marksman or Commando to level up, everyone else will catch up eventually. Not only that, but you can accelerate the leveling process, simply by putting some of your men on the front of the squad.

    Another important thing we need to remember, is that if we increase the rate at which all classes earn experience, it’s going to make the game much easier.
    Part of the challange of the entire game is to level up your squad.
    If you want to make the experience gains faster for some classes, you need to balance it out somehow. Because otherwise you’ll make the game too easy.

    I agree that EXP gap exists, but I can’t see a way out of this, other than giving the supporting classes (medic, RTO, officer) additional source of experience AND reducing the experience earend by dedicated killer classes (Marksman, Commando, and to some degree, Scout.)

    Few suggestions to balance the squad out:
    Medic: gains EXP for every 10/25/50/matter of balance HP healed
    RTO: Gains XP for every successfull call.
    Officer: Gains Xp every time he uses his passive ability.
    Gunner: Reduce XP gain for damage by 50%. Give him extra XP for suppression assist. (kill while suppressed)
    Engineer: Give him some utility: Bonus XP for every barbwire cut, disarmed mine, removed barricade. ETC.
    Marksman: Receives 50% reduced experience for damage dealt. Receives normal XP for damage against designated target (his skill)
    Commando: Receives 50% XP for ranged kills. 100% XP for meele kills.
    Scout: Just nerf the shotgun. It’s enough.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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