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    well that last entry would be more for the URB topic here in this forum section but it is a nice addition none the less.
    Since I can not see any allied soldiers in that pic I assume they are moved to a safe distance.
    Interesting to see that the blast did not hurt those inside the bunker despite blowing it up. BUG!!!!

    Now that mines are visible they are but a thread if hidden under something. That something was not even present here so how ??
    Also. The WTF factor is very high in this take since one gets blown to bits, one dies of the fire and one instantly burns to death. That must have been a stealth-napalm-mine.
    Messed u pa good going game too.


    Definitely a very unlucky mine, Lance. Perhaps even more WTF is the scorched corpse suddenly becoming a normal corpse. Gonna go ahead and label that one a bug.


    Scorched corpses returning to normal dead is o problem I think and no bug since players can then still get hover over info of the fallen.
    For more discussion I posted more then just the mine effects part.
    What can clearly be seen here is basically a case of forever pin even though I relieved that Rifleman from getting shots at his moral of 9 did not go up by a single point for exactly 60 seconds remaining pinned until he panicked due to the death of another GI.

    I do not know the settings for regaining Moral but that is clearly not game friendly.
    It is also not an uncommon sight that a soldier stays pinned long after the firefight is over.
    Is this suppose to simulate “Shell-Shock”?
    Is it good to have such a feature even when it drags games out to double the time at times?


    Since this is sort of the RAGE topic thread I find the following contribution most fitting.
    D-Day+5 with 4 days ahead. Things are going extremely smooth for 4 fields strait.
    On the following field the enemy commander decided to throw his entire army at me after I got to that bunker.
    I had to stay there since I was getting showered by Mortars and Arty. There where so many enemies spawning right into that ditch and behind it that after a very long and intense firefight they downed one after another of my super troopers.
    During a small hole in the reinforcement spam spree I charged up to that road bu alas a truck cam along right as another wave spawned. My men did not feel like fighting anymore after that.


    Damn, this kinda happened to me today were I had wave after wave of reinforcements and mortars as well as artillery. Get Urbed


    Hands up when this happens to you too ever so often.


    **cocking my head to the side** Well, I’ve never ran behind the first set of Stars and I’ve never got Artied out the gate, but the U.R.B. part? Oh yea. Been times I couldn’t sit down for a week it was so bad. 🙁 What do you mean I Exaggerate? It sure seems that way to me….

    Question: Why do you Click-n-Click with your pointer to designate where soldiers are to go? Use the number keys bro. It’s kinda the difference between the Commander running up to a soldier, tapping him on the shoulder and telling him what to do vs Yelling out “Yo! Backster! Get your ass up there under that tree! And Frenchie you go with him for… ..for uhmm… Support! Yea that’s it! Go keep him company!”


    awee the URB part was mostly a big scare there since I seriously thought the game was about to kill me off at the start line.
    I hardly moves up and got showered by that mg42. Then run down by enemy soldiers before that flare almost fell on the starting line.
    So the URB part be “right at the start, got to be kidding me.” and yes I had similar happen plenty of times.
    Maybe I posted this i the wrong topic. :rol:


    Ups. Forgot to answer your question Mo-Tah.
    Old habit I suppose although in Recon I almost always use the number keys to select soldiers.
    However I see the advantages of working the keyboard in MNB3 for faster troop selections.
    Will try to improve on that aspect. Thanks for pointing it out. (>‿◠)✌

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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