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    I figured charging forward was the best way of dealing with a mortar once it’s on you. Still a very dangerous unit nonetheless.


    And here a perfect example of nobody doing anything right or wrong and you still get massive URB.


    I commend that last guy’s bravery only to get smeared by a fourth landmine. A courageous man indeed…


    A good attempt despite the mine based-RNG, Lance. Perhaps the biggest insult to injury every time is the game smugly reminding you that your friendly neighborhood engineer has failed to find any mines. Maybe one day he’ll stumble upon one with his eyes, rather than with his foot.


    One of those starts where instantly resetting upon hitting the first enemies saves you a lot of rage.
    Or how the hell could this have been won???
    Notice the not so far ahead days.


    The end is where the URB is but the way there is also exiting. It’s a short vid so please watch it all.

    BTW. Would be great to see more plays by other members, or pictures of or at least read some Battle Reports.


    Any vid that starts out with a truck full of Germans exploding is likely to be a good one, and boy was it. Glad to see the move all command really coming in clutch, as previously moving all your dudes in a situation like that would’ve ended much differently.

    Very weird to see your troops flicking up and down like a mad light switch at some points in the video. At first I thought there were enemies behind you, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Were they doing that because there were enemies offscreen, or is that just a byproduct of hyper fast target switching?



    I watched that ending and Had to log in!
    Brother, that was awesomely-precious and Sooo URBish I think you deserve a medal.
    ..Survives the Run, Gathers at the End, gets URBed scoring the touchdown. 🙂 least you still scored…


    I’d say “Welcome to Urbania”, but believe you’ve been here long enough there’s a path from your front door to local tavern, so…

    . I’m serious Urbzz, A Medal/Award/Commendation something.., In a fantasy game world where the reality of Unfair Random Brutality and how it exists & effects our everyday life is the driving force, to be URBed AS you are winning the game… Priceless. ..for everything else there’s master’s card…

    It’d be a Blood-Red bar with a single Mud-Brown bar running horizontal thru the center, and a Gold Middle-finger dead center of it all.(I’d have suggested an inverted & offered tushy, but…)

    The proud possessor of said ‘Item’ will have a helpful(potentially) event happen when they are neck-deep in the shit & there’s no way out.
    Your holed up in the Hedgerows, somehow the Panzer got behind you And enemy reinforcements Just poured in from the north, and one of Them is ALready popping mortars on your position. Your ranked-up Gunner lies dead next to your dead Maxed-out Medic because your Marksman is pinned and not hitting the enemy sniper that’s just put a round in your Officer leaving him at 9hp. Your Engineer is gonna die Real quick too with that short-range weapon he’s got, just as soon as that enemy sniper puts your Rifleman down.., but you know how hard it is to hit a moving target and that boy looks like he’s auditioning for a role in The Flash he’s headed South so fast.
    Medal kicks In

    Now we are talking Random event..,
    “-KKSZZ- Niner-Niner-Charlie-One we are inbound with that crate drop!”
    A Frenchie walks outa the woods.
    A Jeep shows up even tho there’s no Gunner.
    A Strafing Run, Bomb Run or Arty Strike happens, ANYwhere on the field.
    Enemy Forces are reinforced.
    A Tank shows up. For either side or both sides.(Multiple Tanks on both sides would be a cool battle to watch)


    Glad you all liked. 🙂
    In case it was missed. To finally have the courage to crawl those few inches the Gunner just had to guzzle down a bottle of hero wine.
    All hail the French and their amazing foods.
    Let’s you wonder what the other liberated nationalities will have to offer in game to get you back on the feet when “down”.
    hmm this could be a entirely new suggestion topic…..
    Examples Mo, I still got plenty on tape, aaa digital video record. 🙂

    troops flicking up and down like a mad light switch is locally called target switching of Gunners on empty statics, here HMG gun mounts.
    The way urbzz gunners do this has been bugging me since the early days. Will make a suggestion. 😉


    I’m waiting for this bloody tank to go boom!

    My marksman got a hit on the commanding officer on top on the tank but was quickly decimated. I was gonna get my revenge.

    The Fricking tank isnt going into my mines!!!!

    Bois,is it the Time? Has its terror come to a halt?!?!?

    Im Done It hit one and is now running away i have waited like a solid 30 mins for this!

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    I hate tanks its eaten like 5 rockets and 2 mines!

    Update! I was able to destroy its engines and suspensions by getting a commando to place a charge on it and spamming more rockets and rifle grenades and grenades.


    YES its on fire, im going to watch it burn to the ground!



    Fuck Yeah!

    Spacing, affects both parties equally 😀


    @blitznek0 Nice TNT placing!!! XDDD

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