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    Brian Cong

    Title, really.
    I was curious if there were planned updates to the MNB2/MNB Recon wiki for MNB3, or if the wiki has simply been abandoned. It’d be nice to have a central resource for strategies and information, rather than having to dig through forums.


    After the purge of the old site, the wiki also broke and became un-editable alongside few other issues which popped up. Currently there are no plans to update it since we can’t and the masters behind the wiki coding are AWOL/lack the time.


    Dang, that’s really sad. Hate to see it go out with a whimper.


    Aw, seriously? I thought they were just working on it so when MnB3 is out it’ll already have a ton of info or something like that.


    The wiki is defective, but we can still use it, and get informations from it.

    We just have to use it in a different way, go to the wiki page that you want read, then go up with the scroll and click on “view source” then go again down with the scroll, and you will be able to read the coded informations, not the best, but still something!

    I created this little video to help, anyway i think that the explanation it’s enough.

    I just hope those info are not too much outdated…

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    This reply is really helpful, Thanks for the guide, @frenchresistant

    Maybe worth to tag it up? @Lance ?


    It’s not entirely broken anymore and is being updated slowly as far as i know.


    Would it be viable to move the wiki information from the old wiki to a new crowdsourced wiki such as wikia?


    There was an attempt at this actually, but I think it fell through due to lack of effort/interest.So there are technically two wikis, with the original containing much more information than the other.


    As far as I’m concerned the original wiki contains information only on MnB 2 and Recon.
    The newer one, on Fandom was supposed to contain info on other games as well, including OFV, MnB3 Stwalt nad Last Winter.
    Last time I checked, there was only slight overview of them, with exception of OFV, which had unit lists and few other elements.

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    The thing is that the old wiki works now. Rendering the new one highly inadequate. And I’m not sure the project go worked on as seriously as we initially intended. The fact is I have have to drive the wiki initiative and content and then users supports. It was a mistake from my part to ask too much from our great members already.


    First post for long time. >o<

    I must to admit that we do try to start on wiki work but we failed it. Because all of old member get too busy in real life work actually. So the wikia is suppose to be a new wiki for every URB game but actually only few stuff be upload.

    That sounds sad for everyone. I also believe the main trouble people can’t work on wikia is people somehow have different thinking there about how to build it. This will be another issue we have to fixed.

    *Did we going to upload spoiler stuff? Or no like what they say on Wikia? Waning for spoiler with hide page?
    *The way to build the wiki as rule already been add there, but how to work?
    *What be the first? Or random fire?

    Otherwise I feel I would like to start my wiki work instead of the one we try to start it. I feel bad about that one, no offensive but I really do.


    The old wiki was partly overrun in the high times of mnb2 with many, partly all to eager, folks but that was not always a good thing since pages got spammed or modified in totally false ways or incredible bad English.
    Then most pages (all in the end) got locked for only approved members. That worked real well for a while until basically all the old regs left for other lands almost at the same time.
    It was a dark episode but eventually we got back together with new blood and new will to move on.

    The new wiki was and is a good idea. I heard of a few people saying that they are a lot more attracted to to the Fandom wiki then the old one simply due to it being a new form of wiki-ng over the old style and because they are sort of used to that format.
    It had an awesome start but somehow lost all momentum in mid flight.

    I personally like the original wiki for it’s independent stand that is not advertisement and tracking infested as fandom is.
    Best be to keep both alive.

    Don’t torment yourself for something that is suppose to be “user” generated.
    It is our (members) own fault for slacking off.

    IDEA: Since urbzz games are a bit complicated at times players need some guidance.
    A wiki is nice but lots of work to upkeep and even when in top shape can be to cumbersome for new players to deal with.
    Therefore I suggest for every old and new game create a Guide-Page-in-game.
    One or two pages depending.
    Nowhere as detailed a sort of wiki but much more elaborate then what is in most of your games now.
    For example: Recon. Hovering over info in the ops is ok but the movement information upon landing is very rough and fades fast or is unreadable at times.
    A separate Handbook-Page that explains your role, soldier stats/ skills and equipping as well as in game controls would help newer players a great deal more then a detailed wiki that they have to go to, search and mostly understand all while in play.

    OFV on the other hand has a good “Sarge narrator” but having to play multiple games to get most game infos out of him may not be optimal.
    A one page game guide before the game actually starts like in the old MNB:Vietnam would be nice.
    Sarge could then give his detailed “real” tips from there on.

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