Where'd you get the voice lines for the U.S. troops.

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    The Pig

    I don’t why, but I just want to know, because they sound badass especially when the officer starts giving out buffs and orders.


    As far as I can recognize, some of them come from Company of Heroes 1. But I like to pretend like Urb handmade the dialogue and went through the effort of getting voice actors. Not gonna lie though there was some clever implementation so make sure to keep this on the down low so no one gets in trouble :P.

    Arian Manchego

    I’d like to know more about what the Germans are saying, is there a thread on this? Just excellent work in general.


    Not that I know of a separate topic just for “what the Germans in game say” and quiet frankly I know almost everything around here.
    However I can translate anything for you if you where to give me something specific they say.
    A vid cut, sound take or just try and type the words and I will gie it my best.

    Arian Manchego

    Aw man! I’ll try to capture a few and record them, under interrogation. 😛

    On my second run-through of MnB3…. not allowing myself Sig artillery this time 😮

    Today I’m 8 days ahead of schedule… about to restart a session… not looking forward to it !!!!!


    At one point in the old MnB/urb forums, I had started a topic asking just this same thing (Germans said what now?)but for MnB 2 (several voicelines are shared) and got a strong response from a few people including Lance (Thanks, bud!). It might have been uploaded to the wiki even, but I can’t remember exactly. I’ll try and link to it or reproduce it if I find an archived version of it somewhere.

    Always a good thread topic to have, though!As always, welcome to forums and hopefully we can get you some answers.

    Arian Manchego

    “That’s not my leg! You find my f**ing leg!!”
    So many horrible yet hilarious moments in this game. 🙂

    It’s hard to write down the German calls without even knowing what they’re saying. There’s still a couple that stand out. One is when you’re advancing, they say something about a platoon? And another a guy roars something like “Here they COOOMME !!!”

    If possible I’d also like to know what they say when they’re wounded… something about their wife? And a thing or two else. Also, where’d you get these German voicelines from? Pretty amazing stuff.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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