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    Mexican Batman

    @ Lt. Dan Nice , I live in Southwest Texas by the Mexican Border . That movie quote may be one I never forget XD I AM Mexican, Native American and White. Batman is my favorite superhero and I saw Mexican Batman memes one day and thought it was the funniest thing ever so that’s why I made this username.



    Am in France, any other frenchies here?



    Lizard, I’m from Canada! Half Frenchie I guess 🙂



    I live in Germany now but grew up in the US and in Japan.
    Lived in a few more countries along the way.
    My Grandmother, where I was born and raised a bit, was a Frenchy and the toughest one anyone had ever seen.
    When she (age 80+ back then) said something and got no attention she picked up a kitchen knife and then everyone ran including Sarge. We all loved her dearly.
    Does that count. 😉



    I was born in Florida, moved to North Carolina after a couple years and have lived there ever since.



    We had a Breton Frenchie, and a few others from France on the older forums, but I haven’t seen them around here in a long time.

    I’m from the Caribbean myself, but I’ve lived in South Florida for a long time now.



    Born in North Carolina, I’ve lived in Connecticut for the past 3 years. People often ask why I don’t have a southern accent… my theory is that I wanted to speak more like the people on TV than my neighbors haha…



    I was born in New York but lived in Connecticut for about ten years. Now in Texas for the past five years. But I’ve never say “y’all.”


    Mud And Bullet

    Im Canadian From Quebec Now Im Training To the Canada Army Maybe Im Going To be An Infantry Men The First One The Arrive In The Battle And The Last One To Leave The Battle



    I am from California; I hate the heat though…



    I myself am from Kentucky. Never lived in another state personally but I’ve been to a couple over my years.


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    I am from Vietnam, one of the few places in the world where knowing how to operate an AK is compulsory



    I’m from finland


    Gerwen Ulric

    I’m from Brazil



    You would not by chance know of a dude that goes by the avatar name of Bersimon now would you Gerwen Ulric? 😉
    He is also from Brazil, an old Reg and the former community manager for all that is URBania.
    Nice thread this has become. Guess it will serve as our more personal introduction topic asside fro the Sleeping Bear Tavern.

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