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    I like having a dank killing squad but pushing far ahead and then halting sucks. Starting with a fresh swuad in the hedgerows is a pain in the d***

    How Far do y’all advance before halting?


    If I don’t lose sig or medic and my squad is doing well 2-4 maps a day, dont be afraid to die a bit with fresh squads and just make up the time with multiple advances

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    Yeah I am not afraid to lose some squads. Sometimes I have some shit starts, like a hedgerow next to a truck road with a bunker on the other side of the river. Those poor spring fields lol


    what sucks is when you get 4 HMGs but that is off topic… anyway my best so far is 9 maps in a day, I was going for gold star but BOTH medic and sig died… at that point give up


    9 maps is impressive. That’s borderline @joker level type of skills!


    would not take borderline joker level type skill as much of a compliment, got handed my ass all of my tries today, not a single advance.


    I know I’ve done 8 maps, cause I got a medal for it, but other than that never really paid attention. -{alot of pause time while handling RL}- Always figured it was about 3 or 4 -{minus all that ground lost to restart-slaughter-fests with a new crew}-.


    But I am done with LW for now (TY Urbzz & Arise, my fix was good) & will see how many I can go in a row. 😀 Is this a contest?!? Challenge maybe?
    Already said what my strat was, so I’ll shine up my boots, and make a go of it this weekend. (insert saluting smiley here)

    But now I’m curious, what other medals await us for “Going-all-the-Way”? I’m understanding the more penetration we achieve, the more intense the action’s gonna be, and quite frankly it makes me anxious & nervous at the same time! 😉 ..better bring protection, the insertion is Always rough…


    awee how wonderfully soothing ye words are again to see here O great Mo-Tha.
    I usually advance as I have play time available, feel that my squad can handle another field for sure or on those brutal occasions when am feeling lucky.
    Sometimes just to see what will happen if a lone Rifleman tries to reach the end of the 5th field. Usually a fast end right at the start but still nice to try the almost impossible once in a while.
    Since I am still sort of testing squad layouts I lose a lot of plays.
    Last game I wanted to see if 2 Medics can heal fast enough to keep a squad alive through bullet rains.
    Worked quiet well till the invisible speedy commando hero stepped on an equally invisible mine among some building rubble and the other one got pounded hard by a pack88 while getting within bazooka range.
    A Medic skill that allows for the creation of zombies from body parts would have been good there.
    Still made it to the end but since that was the first advance, and my medics had but healing powers, it was time to call it a day.
    Maybe next time with 3 Medics and 3 Rifleman.
    Mud and Blood here I come… again. To bad there is no more xp for stitching up.


    The numbness rolls off him as he passes thru the doorway and blankly looks about. Not standing as much as mentally holding himself upright, he shakes the cobwebs away in an attempt to focus. Eyes finally locking onto his target, he heads to an empty table where he tosses his ruck into a corner as he sits down, and places his rifle against the wall next to him.
    A long drawn breath, released from it’s prison, rushes from his nostrils as he seeks to wipe away the weariness, hands sliding across his face smearing the odd-combination of mud and blood flecked there, fingers digging thru the roots of his hair knocking free the bits of something or someone lodged there.

    Damn that was rough. Went thru 3 sections , and don’t have much to show for it other than being a couple of days ahead.
    The first group.., ..those laddies…”
    his voice chokes alittle and his eyes grow distant for a moment “..Aye. Some badass mothers they were.” his smile pushes at the corners of his eyes and for a moment they light up as he recalls the events “It was day 57, the outskirts of Mortain, we were behind schedule by 5 days, and when they dropped us off I thought I was doomed. But by the time we hit the end of our first map we were passing a bottle back n forth and singing a bit” his eyes narrow alittle and his brow furrows “Pretty sure I smelled something funny too, if ya know what I mean. But hey! We were kicking ass & it stayed that way for a whole nother two and a half ma..,
    His voice trails off as a look of anger and resentment rolls across his face like a late Summer thunderstorm, shattering his thoughts with bolts of anguish “But I aint talking about it. Suffice to say it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have pushed for another map. I was being greedy, and now good men are dead.

    He pulls a rolled cigarette from a half-crushed pack in a shirt pocket and lights it before continuing “The second group got me 5 maps before I sent ’em home. On map 1 I lost a soldier, then got him replaced before ending, so started map two with -{from L-R,1-6}- a Siggy, Medic, Rifleman, Gunner, Rifleman, Gunner. At the end of map 3 I had my head up my ass and put both gunners in the same spot, so was promptly notified of the presence of URB. Damn Kraut mortared both in one shot!
    Halfway thru the 5th map I lost one of my Rifleman so just sent the last three home.

    My last foray into the realm of nightmares only got me 4 maps before I decided to call a halt with only 2 men left. I had started with a Siggy, Gunner, Rifleman, Rifleman, Medic, Gunner but ended with my Signaler & Gunner.

    😉 Bet yer ass I’m a gonna try again…

    Num 6

    just managed 12 🙂 gold star
    thx urb and all developers, great game


    Share your strategy, soldier composition and some screenshots or videos with us! We are all interesting how others are successfull!


    A dream come true…




    I am elated for you both, ..and deflated that I can’t get one…


    grats Lance and Num! share some insights and videos!


    Retired after my 13th map -{no superstitious reasons]- with 5 soldiers ready to go. Felt the loss of the one compromised the integrity of my team and I didn’t wanna lose what I had.


    Went from 5 days behind sitting at the outskirts of Tinchebray, to 7 days ahead in the town of Brest. Since this thread is about halting, the details I’ll “leave” elsewhere.
    The reason I halted:
    Was running(reading from L-R)a Rifleman, Medic, Rifleman, Officer, Rifleman, Medic, all fully upgraded -{have an issue I will address elsewhere}- and when I lost one of my Rifleman and didn’t feel the team would survive another map, and didn’t wanna lose my ground.

    Question for Community

    Should I have chanced one more map?

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