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    current destroyer

    I love this game but sadly it seems I have completed it. All I have left to do is just mess around with different mod configurations or get my ship rekt. As this is a side project this game likely wont get much love for a while. Just be careful of asteroid fields!

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    My ship, Oh! This is my old destroyer, with 9 laser Bank and 1 shield upgrade.

    So my destroyer is strong as my away team. lol

    I think that is pretty fun to drive the destroyer in the asteroid fields, just those rebel will be a little bit annoying. >o<



    I like playing it rough and therefore reset my profile when I feel that I am getting to strong for the enemy.
    With a few super upgrades one does not even need Ties anymore and that sort of breaks the game concept but I am usually not that lucky to get good upgrades.
    Also once you have enough Renown-Points things are easy unless you always fight to the point where your shields break. Then you will get creamed sooner or later.
    Currently nothing can prevent you from simply running away each time things turn sour once you figured out how to do so with certainty.
    There is not even a punishment for turning tail besides not gaining enough renown to upkeep your ship.



    Possibly MIA.



    Cool game, but will it ever evolve beyond what is now? Flagshipped had Space Marines, and this looks like a “child” of that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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