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    Mr Kellet

    So I’ve been playing the game for awhile and have used different squad setups to different effects. One that I tried recently when I was -1 on my schedule was:
    Machine Gunner
    3x Riflemen
    And I managed to get two days ahead before I lost my medic and decided to give up. Now I tried this again today when I was +1 on my schedule and did well until I lost my scout. My main question for this topic is, which is more important when it comes to running a setup like this, better weapons, or better soldiers? Usually I tend to go for better weapons, upgrading my rifle men to the auto carbine, and my Gunner to a BAR, but I am wondering if it would be better to upgrade the soldiers ranks rather than their weapons. Now I usually wait until I have First Aide and Intensive Care unlocked on my Medic to give him and upgrade, and until I have the Reveal Nearest Enemy on my scout before giving him the Sten. However, in this recent game I gave my scout his Sten before getting the RNE, but he died soon after. I’ll also ask the same about the Gunner, should I go for the rank first, weapon first, or upgrade first?

    My main concern is because of the performance of the M1 Carbine when I first upgrade my riflemen, compared to the Springfield it seems underpowered and ineffective. So I wonder if I focused on making my Riflemen sergeants if they would wreck the field with the M1 Carbine rather than having them suppress the enemy with the Auto Carbine.

    A big thank you to anyone who posts helpful replies.


    The Lone Ranger

    I would suggest making your troops at least private of Corporal before you upgrade the weapon since whats the point of upgrading the gun when they`ll be able to do diddly squat with it. On a side note IF you choose the MEDIC or OFFICER upgrade their weapon first since the M1911 is horrific and should be disposed ASAP.


    Mr Kellet

    Thanks I was starting to think that myself.



    Personal opinion when talking about soldier classes (excluding rifleman, medic and officer) is rank over everything. Rookie gunner wielding MG-42 is useless as he can’t hit anything nor barely pins anything either. Sergeant gunner with his 80-or-something rifle skill is extremely efficient even with the Lewis Gun. Same applies to all classes excluding the three mentioned above.

    Rifleman is exception as the M1 Carbine is simply terrible. It does not have the range of the Springfield nor the damage/fire rate of SMG’s at close range. It is the Jack of Trades, Master at None. Which at this case means it is inferior at every situation. When it comes to their ranks, I’d suggest waiting for the rookie infantryman to gather 20xp, then class him as rifleman and give him M2 Carbine. The improved characteristics of the M2 make it somewhat useful weapon. Preferably wait until 30xp to get the Garand right away. After that, rank is important.

    When talking about medics, Intensive Care is number one priority. After that, rank is priority. The 15 rifle skill medic pins equally well with the pistol and the M3 Grease Gun. The weapons are irrelevant at that low rifle skill, rank is more useful since it allows the medic to actually gain xp. Officers are basically the same deal, rank first, followed by weapons.

    Beware, if the commander greatly favors skill-usage during combat, these tips are not entirely suitable since skills are the last upgrades unlocked.



    ranks are always better than weapons.

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