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    Alright guys! This is an overview of my loadouts in Recon.

    Stealth loadout:

    Stoner 63 rifles for everyone but the comms guy. He gets the XM177 because of the low bulk standards of a stealth mission.

    Equipmentwise everybody gets the sandals and a field dressing. The medic of the squad takes two IVs instead of the dressing. The rest of the slots get filled with frags and a couple of smokes. Someone will grab an extra battery if the signal is briefed to be bad. I might also bring a motion-d if we’re gonna be standing still a lot.

    Assault loadouts:

    On assault missions my men grab the following guns,

    FN FAL for Squad Leader

    M60 / FN FAL for Medic, depending on the required mobility of the squad.

    M16/M203 for the demolitions guy

    Stoner 63 for the comms, due to the radio bulk.

    I don’t rock the sandals on combat heavy missions. I’d rather have more firepower. Everyone gets an IV bag instead of the dressing. It’s just 1 more bulk for superior stabilization capabilities. The medic grabs 2 IVs. I usually bring in 1 M72 too. I also bring lots of frags and a couple smokes.

    Feel free to suggest improvements or anything for that matter! You could also submit your own loadout!



    Nice loadout Greendale, i would change a few thing thou.
    1) For a stealth you don’t need so much frags, better give one or two mens a knife – it works much more stealthy;
    2) Maybe try putting some mines to low-bulk soldiers? On a defence missions they are your best friends (I’ve once wiped out an entire squad of 4 VCs using one claymore 😀 )
    Overall, really good loadout. I’ll update mine, when I’ll have time to do so 😉



    My squad usually goes like this:

    Aside from obvious roles, the NFG is there to pick up experience and is the most often rotated member of the squad. His purpose is to avoid a situation where only a few of my Rangers have any field experience, while rest is still geen as grass, which could be very unpleasant should URB hit the experienced squad anad leave me with recruits.

    As for my overall playstyle, I prefer stealth over firepower and generally tend to pick low-risk missions.
    My loadout is also very stealth oriented and therefore quite light.

    -Skills: almost entirely SPOT. maybe 1 in combat, viet or stealth.
    -Always goes first and spots ahead.
    – Stoner, M16 or G3 (If I ever get one) Moderate firepower, flexible and relatiely low bulk.
    – Frags (Just in case)
    – IV (Just in case)
    – Smoke, knife or Sensor (depending on overall bulk)
    – Sandals

    -Skills: At least 3 in combat. Maybe 1 or 2 in spot. Rarely something in Demo or Medic.
    -When it comes to fighting, he’s the one who clears the area. Also, he’s the one who goes for snatches, due to his high combat skill.
    -M14 (rarely something else)
    – Frags
    – IV
    – Smoke or sensor.
    – Sandlas

    -Skills: Comms, at least 3 here. If I have any points to spare, they go to Viet.
    -Makes all the important calls. Provides intelligence support with camera and his vietnamese knoweledge.
    – M3 (It’s the only gun that allows him to sty below 25 bulk)
    – Sensor
    – Camera
    – Radio (obviously)
    – Sandals

    -Skills: ususally none, that’s why he’s here. However I often give him spot as first skill, because spot is always good.
    -Usually stays in the back and let’s others do the job. Will get experience ewentually.
    – Stoner, M16 or G3 (If I ever get one) Moderate firepower, flexible and relatiely low bulk.
    – Frags (Just in case)
    – IV (Just in case)
    – Smoke, knife or sensor (depending on overall bulk)
    – Sandals

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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