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    I’m currently on my second tour

    58 total patrols
    17 with killcard
    Av. kills: 7,5
    Av. spots: 6,8
    Av. recon: 10%
    Av. stealth: 46%
    Av. intel: 0,30 (this is bad, gotta up my game)
    Av. heat: 9
    Av. xp: 2103
    Av. casualties: 0,28
    Radio 57
    Rage quits 0

    What about you guys?



    Have not be able to save new play so this is the last state I have before I lose the profile, thanks god I have a back up.

    Still got 328 days to fight. >o<

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    not been on as much as i’d have like to but here’s mine atm

    (i do like killing though)

    60 days left in this tour.

    Tour: 1
    Total Patrols: 29
    Total Dist: 11
    Merit: 23%
    Av Kills: 19.07
    Av Spots: 14.97
    Av Recon: 8.97
    Av Stealth: 45.14
    Av Intel: 1.55
    Av Heat: 11.07
    Av Xp: 3324.52
    Av Casualties: 0.24
    Radio 50
    Rage quits: 0

    best killing men.

    119 (dead) (48 spot)(5 combat 2 spot, 2 stealth, 1 demo) (m14)
    112 active (76 spot) (5 spot, 2 combat (m14)
    92 (dead) (77spot) (2 combat, 5 spot) (m14)
    74 active (38 spot) 3 combat, 1 spot, 3 comms (M60) (radio man)



    I like to kill a lot. I only play combat-based missions and emphasis the violence of action above all else. As a result, all of my missions are 45%+ heat. High risk, high reward.



    Good to see everyone has rather low Average casualties. Doesn’t seem like a bad stint to be under your various commands.


    Mexican Batman


    Last profile I had was two tours long and my casualties were about 0.94 XD, yeah my men died a lot because I would not wait for my Heat to go down and I would basically only do Firebase missions defense or attack. The top brass actually sent a memo saying I was losing too many men.



    and it was almost always those damn static guns that would be in the corners of the firebases, apparently the NVA had Predator cloaking tech for their static weaponry…



    Damn! Brother! ( @mexicanbatman ) How can you get to such high average exp like that, that is amazing.

    Nice work there. >o<


    Mexican Batman

    thx Brother @ Arise , I do a lot of Dead Drops and missions where I kill a lot of enemies. every missions I have at least 5-10 VC die at the minimum. Dead Drops are a great way to get a lot of experience and take a lot of casualties XD




    Haha! That may not apply to me; getting a Purple Heart is practically a rite of passage in my chalk!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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